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As the World Turns Monday 3/4/02

By Mary Jane

Barbara approaches Paul suggesting that she go with him to meet James. Barbara wants Paul to trade her for Rose. Paul tries to reason with Barbara and enlighten her to the fact that people do not trade one person for another. He also tells Barbara that Jennifer is taking a job in Japan, he demands that his mother be happy for her and not try to sway her to stay in town. Paul also puts requirements on Barbara about Will. Due to her legal troubles, she is not to visit Will. She can only write letters to Will. Paul then receives a phone call from James to meet him at the boathouse. James demands that Paul bring Barbara. Paul goes to the boathouse alone.

Margo and Simon discuss Jack's situation. Margo comes up with the idea of Julia posing as a nurse to transport Jack, because she used to be a nurse. Margo gets Dr. Bob Hughes to give Simon a list of ambulance transporters, to find out where Julia has taken Jack. Simon goes to the hospital to receive the information from Bob. After Bob gives Simon the list of transporters, Simon offers Bob the check he received to donate to the development of the burn unit. Bob refuses the check, after he finds out that Katie is unaware of the donation. He tells Simon to speak to Katie about the money. He adds it could cause too much unneeded stress on the new marriage. Dr. Hughes tells Simon that he would be delighted to accept the money if the couple decide together to donate the money.

Jessica demands puts more pressure on Margo, the mayor insists that Barbara gets taken in custody immediately.

Hal has a conference with James Stenbeck. Stenbeck insists he help make the meeting at the boathouse into reality. When Hal goes back to the police station, Margo asks Hal to stay while she picks up Barbara. Hal insists he pick Barbara up and take her into custody. When he arrives at the house, Barbara is thrilled to see Hal. Unaware that Hal is under James's spell, she asks Hal if she could attend a meeting with Paul before she is taken into custody. When Hal hears where the meeting is he tells Barbara to go to the meeting, he will say he didn't find her at home.

At the boathouse, James is lighting a lantern. Paul enters. When asked where Barbara is Paul tells James he will have to deal with him, not his mother. Just then Barbara enters behind Paul.

Katie approaches Margo with Simon problems. Margo aware of Simon's actions attempts to lessens Katie's uneasiness, stating that she needs to just trust Simon. Katie doesn't really think it is the best approach, but trusts her sister. Katie leaves thinking that she needs to give Simon time.

At her suite, Katie talks to the bunny Snickers. Simon enters and the couple comforts each other. Then Katie blurts out a question about the check.

Duncan is thrilled to see Bonnie and very accepting of her engagement. Bonnie tells Duncan that she is not going to marry Ian and that she is in a relationship with Isaac. Duncan is very unsettled at hearing this. Bonnie tells Duncan that he should speak to her mother, because Jessica knows and likes Isaac.

Duncan finds Jessica at the police station. Jessica is spending a busy night taking care of business, while Ben surprises her with a small break, of subs and juice. When Duncan interrupts Ben and Jessica, he finds that Jessica is very fond of Isaac. Duncan is satisfied with Jessica's belief in Bonnie and Isaac. He goes back to Java and assures Bonnie that he is proud of her and supports her and Isaac's relationship. After Duncan leaves, Bonnie puts Isaac's gift (the earrings) on, and tells Isaac that she loves him.

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