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As The World Turns Update Friday 3/1/02

by Mary Jane

Bonnie visits Jennifer looking for someone to talk to and support her. Jennifer is very one-sided and is only interested in Bonnie getting together with Ian. Bonnie quickly gets bored with the conversation and leaves to Java, to go to work. Bonnie is carrying her coronet; Ian gave her in a bag. When she arrives at Java, Isaac ends his conversation with Lisa, certain that he has lost Bonnie. When Bonnie goes to the back room, Isaac spies the coronet and compares it to his earrings he bought Bonnie. Knowing there is no contest between the two presents; it cements his thoughts that he lost Bonnie. When Bonnie reenters the bar, Isaac and Bonnie discuss the events of the day. Bonnie and Isaac decide that what they have is worth journeying on, and to discover how far their relationship will go. Happy with the decision, Isaac gives Bonnie the earrings. Bonnie is delighted at the gift Just then Billy is attempts to interrupt the pair, he points to Ian and Bonnie's father, Duncan entering Java. Bonnie is happy to see

Jennifer concerned with Will and the events surrounding her family decides to forgo a commercial offer. Paul urges Jennifer not to give up her dream and tells Jennifer to take the offer and live her life. Jennifer agrees and hurries off to sign contracts.

Margo's happiness to see Hal diminishes quickly when Hal's behavior suggests he is not himself. Hal blames Jack for Julia kidnapping him, because he disobeyed his orders. Hal also calls Margo, his subordinate, and shows no interest in his children. Then Hal insists that because Barbara confessed to the kidnappings, she is the one behind the kidnapping and not James Stenbeck. Margo quickly develops distrust for Hal.

Craig is using his credit card to open Jack's front door. He enters Jack's house to hear a voice behind him tell him not to move. Craig turns to find Simon. Both men question each other's presence, only to find they are both searching for clues to Jack's whereabouts. Simon shows Craig a vial of substance, soldenifulte sitrate (a medical term). Craig calls his doctor to discover the substance in the vial is Viagra. Both men conclude that Julia, distraught over losing her and Jack's baby is attempting to become pregnant again with Jack's child. Knowing that Jack dislikes Julia, they assume that the Viagra is Julia's way of kick starting Jack.

Simon enters the police station and informs Margo about everything Craig and he found at Jack's house.

Carly's apartment is home to Julia and Jack. Julia is making every attempt to promote Jack's interest in her. Jack refuses to become Julia's sperm donor. After blindfolding Jack, Julia leaves the room. When she returns, she has music playing, Carly's perfume on and wearing Carly's lipstick. Julia sits on Jack's lap and encourages Jack to think about Carly. This attempt works and after the pair engages in sex, Julia enjoys a frozen pizza. She tells Jack that until she knows she is pregnant, he will have to keep having sex with her. Jack asks if he will then go free, Julia concludes that when she is finally pregnant, she will have to kill him!

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