ATWT Update Thursday 2/27/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/28/02

By Mary Jane

At Molly and Jake's, the police show up with another search warrant. This time it is to search for Abigail's belongings. Tom is present and tells Molly she has to let them take the evidence into custody. The police confiscate Abigail's diary, which has written in it that if Nick were lying to her, she would be so mad she would want to kill him.

At Jack's, Mitzi frantically attempts to remove the straightjacket Jack is wearing. Julia foils the attempt and knocks Mitzi out cold. Jack convinces Julia to take him to Carly's apartment and to spare Mitzi. He tells her it is a much safer place with fewer people to find them. Julia has Jack transported as a patient, while Julia portrays his nurse. They arrive at Carly's, only to run into Carly's landlord, who is looking for back rent. Julia tells the landlord that she is Carly's cousin, Molly. She pays Carly's rent and the landlord is satisfied.

Margo and Craig discover that the doctor that released Julia to his custody has been dead for a number of years. Craig's hunch pays off when they search Jack's house. Jack isn't there, but they find Mitzi. She is shaken, but okay. Margo is called away to Nick's boarding house. Mitzi gives Craig a clue where to look for Jack and Julia. Craig goes to Carly's apartment, hoping to find Jack. He also runs into the landlord. The landlord tells him that the only one who has been around was Carly's cousin, Molly. Craig knocks on the door and looks in the window. When no one answers, he decides that she would have to be crazy to take Jack there.

Adam and Abigail journey back to Nick's boarding house so that Abigail can try another attempt at remembering what happened the night Nick Scutter was murdered. It works; Abigail remembers that a woman who wore nail polish was present that night. At the same time, the mysterious woman lurks outside the boarding room. The woman holds the door to Nick's closed while Abigail and Adam are overcome with gas fumes. Adam finally smashes the doorknob off the door to free himself and Abby. The woman is gone. When Margo arrives, the investigation shows the pilot light is on and working fine.

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