ATWT Update Wednesday 2/27/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/27/02

by Mary Jane

Jessica arrives at Oakdale police station, toting a black coffee w/10 sugars for Margo and a requests that Margo expedite the case against Abigail. While Margo and Jessica are speaking Bonnie interrupts, requesting time with her mother. In the interrogation room, Bonnie tells Jessica that Isaac told her he loves her. Bonnie also admits that she did not return his words. Jessica questions Bonnie further and learns that Ian is in town and pursuing Bonnie's love. Bonnie leaves to have breakfast with Ian at the Lakeview.

Jessica phones Isaac to request a few minutes of his time. Jessica tells Isaac that Bonnie is with Ian who is trying to win her back. Isaac shows Jessica a pair of pearl earrings he purchased with a weeks pay for Bonnie. Jessica convinces Isaac that he should go to the Lakeview and show Bonnie he is the man for her.

Mitzi enters the police station, demanding that Margo send the officers to Jack's to investigate further. Mitzi evidence are the flowers that were in the garbage. Margo dismisses Mitzi's claims and goes about her business.

At the Lakeview Ian provides Bonnie with a lavish breakfast. Then Ian presents Bonnie with a family terra that she would have been given it if she had married him. Bonnie makes a decision and tells Ian she is not interested in him any more. While Ian is giving Bonnie the terra, Isaac looks on, thinking that Ian has won.

On his way to take Lucy horseback riding, Craig and Lucy visit Margo. Lucy takes a tour of the station while Craig questions Margo about Jack. Margo tells Craig that Jack is missing, and not in France.

A new morning begins for Jack and Julia. Julia announces that she is ovulating and is in her peak! She tries to make Jack drink a herbal mixture of ingredients that will make Jack rise to the occasion. When Jack spits it in her face Julia grows angry. Jack apologizes and realizes he needs to approach her in a different way. He convinces Julia, even though she is a bit skeptical, that he will help her conceive a child, but needs more freedom to achieve this. Julia comes up with an idea. She tells Jack he was always a stud, so she will go get a harness for him! Julia threatens Jack that he better not move an inch while she is gone.

At the Snyder horse farm, Lucy enters looking for and English saddle. A woman, Julia points to where the saddles are. Craig enters, upon seeing Julia; he calls Lucy to come over to him. Lucy does and Craig asks her to go to the car, and explains to Lucy that plans had to change because there is too much ice to ride today. Craig has a polite conversation with Julia and excuses himself. Upon leaving Craig drops Lucy off and tells Margo that he saw Julia at the farm. Craig mentions to Margo that it is kind of funny that Julia is around and Jack is missing. Margo phones Julia's Dr. to confirm the fact that she should still be committed.

Mitzi upset that Margo wasn't helping decides to go back to Jack's alone and investigate. She finds Jack in the bedroom in a straight jacket. Mitzi takes the tape off Jack's mouth and starts to undo the jacket. Unbeknownst to both Mitzi and Jack, Julia enters the living room and hears the noise coming from upstairs. Julia is not pleased with the sounds Jack is making.

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