ATWT Update Tuesday 2/26/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/26/02

By Mary Jane

Jack attempts a call to Holden on his cell phone. Julia catches Jack and steps on the phone as he attempts to reach out to Holden on the other end of the call. Julia drags Jack back upstairs to the bedroom.

Simon pays a visit to Lily and Holden trying to obtain a key to Jack's house. Simon wants to investigate the house for clues to Jack's disappearance. Holden and Lily tell Simon they do not have a key, but Mitzi does. Lily phones Mitzi and makes arrangements for Mitzi to meet Simon at Jack's house to investigate. While visiting Lily and Holden, Holden receives a call from Jack. The call is missed and Holden just explains it off as poor reception. They try calling Jack back but there is no answer.

Simon and Mitzi arrive at Jack's. Julia rushes Jack into the closet and holds a gun to him. She warns Jack that she will shoot Mitzi and Simon if she is forced too. Mitzi reaches the bedroom, but doesn't see anything. Just before she reaches the closet, Simon asks her if she is ready to go. They leave; noticing that the thermostat was raised and that the flowers Mitzi said are Jack's favorites were in the garbage.

Libby promises Rose she will help her escape this evening. Libby tries to get Rose to drink something brown, but when Rose refuses, Dr. Weston arrives with some blue goo for Rose to drink. Threatening Rose that he will give the liquid to her intravenously if she doesn't drink it, Rose drinks the blue goo. Unfortunately for Rose it overpowers her and she starts to hallucinate. Libby stands by Rose and promises she will get Rose out of there.

Lucinda and John convince Paul to go to the police station and do what he can to find out where Rose is and to aid his mother. On his way he phones Lily and Holden, who meet Paul at the station.

At the Oakdale police station, James has the upper hand. He makes Barbara look very unstable and guilty. When James's lawyer arrives, he allows the questioning of James to continue but only under strict circumstances. After questioning James is allowed to go free, while Barbara is asked to return the next day for new charges to be placed upon her.

Paul sees James leaving and threatens him. Barbara runs out of the interrogation room, livid at James and desperate for understanding. While standing at the station, Lily almost passes out. She senses it is Rose who is in trouble and feels she needs to get her help immediately.

Just before he leaves the police station, Paul receives a call from his father, James Stenbeck. James offers to tell Paul where Rose is. James tells Paul he will contact him again to inform him where and when they will meet.

Back at Jack's house, Julia gets Jack back in bed. She shows Jack the beautiful red lingerie she is wearing and kisses Jack passionately. When he tells her he could use an extra hand, she pulls away from him and tells him not tonight! Julia grabs a hammer and hits him directly in the cast. Julia leaves the room as Jack is anguished.

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