ATWT Update Monday 2/25/02



As the World Turns Monday 2/25/02

By Mary Jane

Jack manipulates Julia and fakes an illness, Julia responds by leaving to help him. Jack works his way down the stairs to phone for help.

Isaac's sudden declaration of love startles Bonnie. Although, Bonnie makes a decision that Ian is in the past and Isaac is the one she wants to be with. Isaac makes Ian aware that he and Bonnie burned his picture. Ian congratulates Isaac and tells him he is a admirable opponent for Bonnie's love. Ian, on upon leaving Java, points out to Isaac that when he declared his love for Bonnie, she did not return the same words. Isaac
reiterates to Bonnie his love for her, she still doesn't return his words. This disheartens Isaac.

Katie runs into Simon and the lady lawyer. Somewhat upset with Simon, Katie asks what was going on. When the woman excuses herself, upon Katie's arrival, Simon attempts to explain why he said he was still at the airport. Dissatisfied with his answers Katie leaves. Simon comes upon information that Jack never left the country, and his passport was unused, he makes Margo aware of this information.

Paul is confronted by Lucinda who is anxious for him to go to the police station to assist in his parent's situation. John, who wants Paul in attendence for Barabra, also visits him.

Meanwhile, at Oakdale police department, things are busy. Barbara is explaining her motives, and James is waffling his way through the visit.

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