ATWT Update Friday 2/22/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/22/02

by Mary Jane

As he speaks to Hal, James makes arrangements to confuse the authorities. A drugged Hal agrees with James.

Margo asks Simon to continue to work for her and assist her in finding Jack. One stipulation Margo puts on Simon is that he must not tell Katie that he is working for her. Margo makes Simon aware of how dangerous James Stenbeck is and that she doesn't want Katie involved in anyway.

Katie receives a visitor at her and Simon's part of the suite. A unfamiliar woman who is interested in finding Simon. She refuses to reveal what she wants to see Simon about. Katie is suspicious.

Dahlia arrives at Katie's with a peace offering. She happens to let Katie know that Simon, who was suppose to be away on business is still in town. Katie phones Simon, who mentions that his job was canceled, but Katie catches Simon in a lie. Katie doesn't let on to Dahlia that she is disappointed in Simon. Katie sets out to confront Simon.

The mysterious lady and Simon meet. She is from a law firm representing one of Simon's ex-wives. The woman hands Simon a check for a substantial sum of money.

At Lucinda's she is taking care of business when she stubbles into James Stenbeck in her own home! James has a offer for Lucinda. James wants to collect the reward for turning himself into Lucinda. Lucinda escorts James to the police station.

Barbara tells Paul that she wants to clean her slate and tell the police about her involvement with the kidnapping of Carly, Emily and Rose. Skeptical, Paul removes himself from the situation and John helps Barbara confront the reality of her actions. When John and Barbara arrive at the police station, John suggests that Barbara get a lawyer but Barbara just wants to confess to her involvement. Before Barbara gets to tell about her involvement, she bumps into James. James thinks it is humorous that they are both at the station to tell their side of what happened.

At Java, Ian pleads his case with Bonnie. Isaac catches Ian and Bonnie in a intimate kiss. Isaac enraged, questions whether Bonnie has told Ian the whole relationship that they share. Isaac in a minute of rage, bluts out that he loves Bonnie.

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