ATWT Update Thursday 2/21/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/21/02

By Mary Jane

Margo approaches Simon with an offer to follow Jack to France. She wants to make sure he is not walking into a trap. At first reluctant, Simon takes the case. Later, Simon reappears to Margo telling her that Jack's plane left without Jack.

At Jack's house, his astonishment grows as Julia offers him hot cookies and Tuna Casserole. When Jack accepts her offer of Tuna Casserole she knows he is trying to trick her. As he turns his back to go upstairs, Julia uses a stun gun on Jack. Jack falls to the floor unconscious. When we see Jack again, Julia has him in bed, wearing a straight jacket. He complains that his ankle is hurting more than usual and he needs a Dr. Julia offers to help him medically as she pulls out medical paraphernalia that she brought from the hospital. Julia approaches Jack with a wish for a kiss before she treats him for his ankle. Meanwhile Simon and Margo arrive at Jack's door. Jack's attempt to yell to Margo is foiled by Julia's fast stuffing gauze into his mouth and taping it shut. When no one answers, Simon and Margo leave. Jack is in a "Misery Like" situation.

Katie denounces her business arrangement with Dahlia, and tells Dahlia to leave. Later Simon assures Katie that she should pursue her aspiration with Dahlia, and not give up her dreams. When Katie tells Dahlia this, Dahlia is delighted to have Katie back on board.

At Java, Isaac catches Bonnie making a phone call to Scotland. When he asks Bonnie about her "little black book" and the phone call, Bonnie fesses up to Isaac as to Jennifer's involvement with the "Duke". Isaac requests Bonnie to burn the contents of her little black book as well as her ex-fiancée's picture. Bonnie willingly burns both. Soon after Jennifer rushes into Java, demanding that her and Bonnie need to talk immediately. Ian, Bonnie's ex-fiancée enters Java. Bonnie, with her mouth open, just says, Ian.

Barbara has a conscious tour. The "good" Barbara appears to Barbara at Hal's. Paul isn't buying into the fact that Barbara is seeing things and asks her to leave. Good Barbara leads Barbara outside, but through a "Christmas Carol" type tour of how Parker, Daniel, Hal and the effected family and friends are holding out, because of Barbara's actions.

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