ATWT Update Wednesday 2/20/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/20/02

by Mary Jane

Margo is overrun with well doers that think they have seen James. Jack informs Margo that he is going to Paris, even though she and Hal do not want him to go. Margo finally agrees to Jack's departure for 48 hours. Jack promises to attempt to find help from Lucinda for Margo before he leaves. When Jack arrives at Lucinda's, he tells Lily and Lucinda that he has a pretty good lead, but he needs Lucinda to provide help at the station to sort out the real from the fallacies. Lucinda upon hearing that Jack has a solid lead agrees to provide help to the department with Lily's swaying her. Lily and Jack agree to provide housing to Mitzi in Cal's old house, where Rose resides.

Abigail and Adam reenact the night of Nick's murder. Abigail remembers that the person who entered the room was wearing boots. When they leave the rooftop, the boots appear, with a person in them.

AT Hal's house, Paul is trying to take care of business and home. Jennifer has left for a shoot for BRO. Paul receives a phone call in the middle of his scrambling, only to find out Will was suspended and he must leave to pick Will up at school. At the same time John drops by to pay Paul a visit. He attempts to convince Paul to give Barbara another chance with her family. Paul refuses. John offers to stay and lock up while Paul picks up Will. John phones Barbara and tells her to come over to help. Barbara arrives at the house. When Paul comes home, he punishes Will and offers Barbara no good will.

At his house, Jack prepares to leave for the airport. He smells something, assuming Mitzi has made breakfast he heads toward the kitchen. Jack is astonished to see Julia standing in the entranceway with a plateful of fresh baked cookies for him!

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