ATWT Update Tuesday 2/19/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/19/02

By Mary Jane


Will considers running away. Paul has a heart to heart talk with Will and comforts him.
Jennifer, not happy that Bonnie is satisfied with her life with Isaac in Oakdale, sways Bonnie's ex-fiancée to Oakdale. At home Jennifer talks to Paul about going away to a new modeling job. Paul supports Jennifer's desire to leave.

Bonnie has a long talk with Nancy Hughes. Bonnie is more convinced than ever that she really likes Isaac.

Jack informs Margo about Hal's phone call. Both Jack and Margo are skeptical about the strange conversation, mainly because Hal did not mention Adam. Margo in turns lets Adam know his father called.

Lucinda ups the ante at a press conference. She now offers 1/4 of a million dollars for James Stenbeck dead or alive. This arouses Jack, who threatens Lucinda, that if any harm comes to the ladies because of her efforts she will have to account for it.

Brandies alibi checks out. Margo is forced to arrest Abigail for Nick Scutter's murder.

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