ATWT Update Monday 2/18/02



As the World Turns Monday 2/18/02

By Mary Jane

Brandy convinces Craig to take her to his place. Brandy gives Craig the impression she is running away from an angry boyfriend. When she gets to Craig's she tries to come on to him in order to stay there. He refuses her and tells her she needs to go. Margo learns that Brandy hopped into a car with vanity plates that spell "I Rule". Knowing these plates belong to Craig Margo goes to his suite and finds Brandy. She takes Brandy to the police department for questioning.

At the police station Brandy and Abigail get into a fight.

Dr. Weston catches Rose snooping around when she should be sleeping. Rose sees a woman that is near death. After Dr. Weston leaves Rose decides to throw a chair thru a window to escape. Libby catches Rose before she goes through with this, Libby advises Rose not to attempt to escape this way. While showing Rose the transition room, (a room full of white caskets) Libby comes up with a escape plan.

Mitzi lets the meter reader (James) in, after much convincing. Mitzi chats with the man and informs him about Jack's undertakings with the case. When Jack comes home, he figures out that the meter reader was actually James. Somewhat happy, because this tells Jack he is looking in the right direction. Hal phones (prompted by James to keep Jack from going to Paris), Jack tells Hal his plans. Hal insists Jack stay out of Paris, for the good of the case.

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