ATWT Update Friday 2/15/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/15/02

by Mary Jane

Mitzi puts the move on Craig, who eventually gives in to her. Just when things are a go, Mitzi jumps up and informs Craig it was all a ploy to show who is really true to Carly. Mitzi explains the "facts of love" to Craig and tells him that Jack would never have given in to her advances. Mitzi threatens Craig to tell Carly as soon as she returns. Mitzi pushes Craig out of the house. Mitzi receives a phone call. It is Paris, with information; the caller presents the license plate numbers of the vans that transported the coffins. Mitzi goes to the police station to tell Jack the good news. She offers to escort Jack to Paris, to be his translator. Jack says no, he is too concerned for her welfare.

At the police station, Jack is presented with a room full of citizens informing on James Stenbeck, trying to collect the reward money Lucinda has offered. Jack finally moves them out and phones Lucinda to try to convince her that she should not offer a reward for James' capture. Lucinda arrives at the station, more convinced than ever that she should keep the ad going and possibly up the reward.

A uniformed officer is escorting Brandy to the police station. Before he cuffs her, she takes out pepper spray and sprays the officer in the face. Brandy flees.

Craig phones Jack from his car suggesting that he again send Simon to Paris. Craig is concerned for Carly. Jack yells at Craig, denies his offer for help and warns him that he is to be finished with Carly, due to the advances he accepted from Mitzi.

As Craig prepares to pull away, Brandy jumps into his car and tells him to drive. She tells Craig a man is after her.

James phones Dr. Weston and suggest he speed up the process the women are going through. He warns that the investigation is closing in. James concerned with Lucinda's offer of a reward decides he might have to take action. Emily advances to the next stage.

Back at Jack's house, a meter reader knocks at the door. It is James in costume, he asks Mitzi if he can come in an read the meters.

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