ATWT Update Thursday 2/14/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/14/02

By Mary Jane

A Valentine Day of fantasies and romance. Nancy enters her room, receiving flowers from Bob and Kim. She leafs through many Valentines Day cards. The cards start to blow, and she feels a kiss from her husband, Chris Hughes.

Katie and Simon enjoy each other's company feeding one another, conversation hearts.

Craig fantasizes about Carly, it takes place in a fifties type gangster era.

Jack reminisces about Carly, singing Time in a Bottle.

Lily and Holden reminisce.

Bonnie fantasizes a Cinderella type fantasy, with Isaac as Prince Charming. Included in her fantasy is Jessica, Ben, Barbara and Lucinda.

Molly and Jake engage in a fantasy in Mabel's, where Jake first kissed Molly.

Abigail and Adam share a precious moment on rooftop, wishing on shooting stars.

Tom and Margo share a disco fantasy.

Lisa performs a dance number with 8 men in tuxedo's. Each man has a old husband's name tagged on their back. She performs "Its Rainin Men".
Lucy's thoughts are played out about love and how she is looking for that special boy, and when she finds him, she will never let go.
Bob and Kim reminisce; tell each other how much they love one another. They dance in their kitchen.

At the end of the show, Nancy is looking at her Valentines Cards. She reminisces about Chris Hughes her husband. At the end of the show, Chris talks about how much he loves Nancy.

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