ATWT Update Wednesday 2/13/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/13/02

by Mary Jane

Margo continues the investigation of Nick Scutter's murder. When the police drag Brandy into Nicks, she admits to Margo that she was sleeping with him. Evidence is also found in Brandy's dorm room. A letter stating to Nick that even though he thinks they are finished, she wasn't through with him. Margo calls Jessica, and wants Brandy booked on suspicion of murder.

John and Barbara have a heart to heart conversation. Barbara admits to John that she conspired with James and she wanted the three women to disappear. Barbara knowing what she knows now, told John she would do it all again.

James converses with a drugged or hypnotized Hal, about the fact that the investigation is closing in on him.

At the Oakdale Police department, Craig confronts Jack as to what it would take for Jack to release Lucy from custody. Jack releases both Craig and Lucy, as long as Craig doesn't help Jack with the investigation any longer.

Katie's phone call brings Dahlia to the station to pay Katie's fines. Simon is insistent that they do not take the money, but Dahlia points out it is not a loan, just an advance on Katie's earnings.

After he is released from the police station, Craig heads to Jacks to bribe Mitzi to seduce Jack. When Mitzi turns the situation around, Craig finds himself on the underside of Mitzi, in a precarious situation. Mitzi kisses Craig passionately several times.

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