ATWT Update Tuesday 2/12/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/12/02

By Mary Jane

Lisa, Kim and John continue to attempt to support Barbara with love and forgiveness. Paul approaches the group, trying to convince them that Barbara needs to be responsible for her actions. Bob interrupts the group to support Paul. John hearing enough of the conversation excuses himself to return to Barbara's side. Lisa, and Kim follow. Kim stops to tell Bob she was proud of him for stating his feelings. Bob sits with Paul at the bar and shares a drink with him. Bob tells Paul that even though he agrees with Paul's feelings everyone needs forgiveness.

Meanwhile Barbara is in conflict at Lisa's with herself. She is visualizing a "good" Barbara with conflicting views about her behavior. When Lisa, Kim and John arrive, they find Barbara against a wall screaming.

Katie takes Lucy on her first driving lesson. Lucy is getting a lot of wrong advice from her instructor. Lucy ends up running a stop sign, going the wrong way on a one-way street. When the police pursue her, Katie tells her to pull into the next driveway. When the police follow her into the driveway, Lucy reverses and backs into Shank's. Katie and Lucy find themselves arrested.

AT Craig's suite, Lucinda visits to check on Lucy. While there, she and Simon are informed that Katie and Lucy had been in an accident and are at the police station.

Meanwhile at Jack's, Craig and Jack are still feuding. When Craig tells Jack he doesn't think it is too hard to be a police officer, Jack dares Craig to a handcuff challenge. While showing his talent, Craig winds up handcuffed and at the Oakdale police department, arrested for impersonating and officer. While there Katie and Lucy enters. Craig unaware that his daughter has moved back with him wonders how she managed to get involved in this trouble. Craig is concerned that this will result in Lucy being flown back to Montega. Lucy explains that she has moved back with him. As Katie, Lucy and Craig are talking, Lucinda and Simon enter the station.

Mitzi uses her knowledge of the French language to help Jack acquire information about the vehicle that picked the caskets up from the airport in Paris.

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