ATWT Update Monday 2/11/02



As the World Turns Monday 2/11/02

By Mary Jane

Jennifer visits Bonnie at Java. She tries to talk Bonnie into giving the Duke, Bonnie's ex-fiancÚ another chance. Jennifer met him during her travels in Europe and was taken with his sadness from losing Bonnie. While Jennifer is at Java Lisa attempts to sway Jennifer to support her mother. Jennifer isn't interested. Bonnie, upset at hearing the news about her Duke, leaves Java with a migraine.

Dahlia makes her feelings known to Simon. She also plants a kiss on him! Simon rejects Dahlia's advances, but she makes Simon aware that she is not about to give up on getting him! When Simon tries to talk to Katie about Dahlia, Katie being so wrapped up in her day, she doesn't hear him.

Jack feels as though he is losing his mind when his badge and the casket all come up missing. After a while he realizes that Craig is probably responsible for both items missing. Jack goes home to get a little rest. Mitzi makes dinner. Margo calls Jack telling him he is probably correct in his assumption of her brother Craig being behind the missing items. Craig arrives at Jack's with news that he found out where the other two caskets were taken. Craig learns from the pilot who transported the caskets that he flew the other two coffins into Marseilles, Paris. Jack looked stunned, but yells at Craig at his novice attempts toward police work. While the two men, exchange insults, Mitzi enters in a revealing robe announcing dinner is ready. Craig develops a large smirk, and tells Jack he underestimated him. He continues that maybe Jack's leg is broken, but nothing else seems to be! Jack threatens Craig to remove his smirk or else!

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