ATWT Update Wednesday 2/6/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 2/6/02

by Mary Jane

Paul arrives at Roses, to find Lily packing up Rose's Christmas decorations. Paul and Lily talk. Paul tells Lily that Hal received a call from Emily and that Rose and the other women are alright, so far. Lily and Paul talk about their feelings.

Adam and Abigail arrive back in Oakdale. At the police station, Abigail and Adam talk to Jessica. Although Abigail explains what she remembered, it is not enough to rule out Abigail as a suspect in Nick's murder. Jessica lets Abigail go home with Molly and Jake. Holden explains that he is going to take a more active role towards Abigail.
Margo tells Adam that Hal has disappeared. 
Abigail, Jake and Molly arrive home and spend some nice family time with the twins. 

Bonnie arrives for her date with Isaac, looking like a pop singer. Isaac suited up and ready for his date, is insulted by Bonnie's appearance. When Bonnie goes to her mother to question what she did wrong, her mother explains how she insulted Isaac. Bonnie makes amends to Isaac, dressed up and publicly announcing a formal apology to Isaac. She promises to try to see people as they are, not whom she thinks they are. Bonnie declares that she is going to try to be an ordinary person. 

Kim and John look through Barbara's medication. Meanwhile Jack and Craig are trapped in the basement at Fairwinds. The roof partially falls on the two men again. Both are shaken but remain in the same condition. Jack tries to convince Craig to construct a ladder. But Craig has other plans; he hears people upstairs and yells until Kim and John approach the landing where Craig and Jack fell to the basement. After John, argues briefly with Jack and Craig, Kim convinces him that they retrieve the ladder to get Jack and Craig out of the basement. Jack is taken to the hospital, agreeing that he will continue to work with Craig. Craig, against Jack's warnings, intends to proceed without waiting for Jack. 

Kim, John and Lisa come to the realization that they need to focus on Barbara's needs more. 

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