ATWT Update Tuesday 2/5/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/5/02

By Mary Jane

Abigail and Adam arrive at the judge's chambers to get married. Having to wait until the judge finishes court provides enough time for Abigail to call Molly. Margo has a trace put on the line and Molly keeps Abby talking long enough to find the kids whereabouts. At the same time Abigail confides in Adam that she thinks it is time to go home, unmarried. When Abigail and Adam are about to leave, Margo, Molly and Jake arrive. All are reunited.

Emily thinks Hal has answered her phone call; she is surprised and upset to learn that James Stenbeck is on the other end of the phone. Concerned about Hal, Rose and Emily pursue the phone conversation with Stenbeck. After the call to Stenbeck, Dr. Weston and Hilda, are made aware of the women's actions. They are warned, and still kept in the dark as to their whereabouts.

Jack and Craig begin to investigate Fairwinds. As the two approach the basement, the lights go out. Craig has in his possession a flashlight Jack had given him to use. As he looks around from the landing before the basement stairs, Craig and Jack see a coat. Jack swears the coat belongs to Hal. As the two men proceed down the basement stairs, the stairs collapse and both men fall down with rumble below and on top of them. When the dust settles, Craig gets free and has to help Jack out of the rumble. Jack thinks his leg is broken. He stays stationary while Craig, continues to investigate. In another room, Craig finds a casket. After wheeling it out, he opens it and finds an oxygen tank and mask inside the coffin. Knowing that a corpse doesn't need oxygen, Jack proposes that this is a way James transported Emily and Rose out of the country, drug them, put them in a coffin with oxygen and transport them on the airline. Satisfied with a good lead, Jack suggests that they find a way out of the basement.

John, Kim and Lisa discuss Barbara's situation. John and Kim go to Fairwinds to pick up items for Barbara.

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