ATWT Update Monday 2/4/02



As the World Turns Monday 2/4/02

By Mary Jane

Margo and Molly decide that the state police need to be involved if they want to find Abigail and Adam. Hesitant Molly agrees. Jake is upset over learning that the state police are looking for the kids. While waiting at the cabin, a state trooper enters with news that they had been spotted applying for a marriage license.

Rose and Emily deny having Hilda's cell phone and Rose puts on a small show for the staff, in order that Emily could grab the cell phone from a nearby plant. This is the spot Rose ditched the cell phone earlier. Once the women retrieved the phone, they entered the steam room and tried to call Hal again.

At Fairwinds, you could hear a phone ringing thru the ventilation grates. Way down in a dark recess of an underground room, Hal remained unconscious and James answers Hal's cell phone.

Kim enters the Oakdale police department furious with Jack for leaking information about Barbara to the Intruder. Jack explains Barbara's situation to Kim, who later, with Bob rethinks the information Jack presented to her. Kim and Bob show genuine concern for Barbara's situation.

Jack approaches Craig, angry that he published the article about Barbara. Jack tells Craig that he just painted a bull's-eye on his back. Jack continues telling Craig that Stenbeck will be after him because of the article. Craig laughs it off, more concerned for Carly's situation. While Craig is questioning how James could get past Jack's surveillance, Jack remembers that James had underground passages at Fairwinds. Jack mentions to Craig that Carly lived there and had the passages closed off. But Jack thinks there must have been at least one that Carly missed. As Jack rushes to investigate, Craig suggests that Jack and he go together. Under Jack's conditions, the two men leave to Fairwinds to investigate.

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