ATWT Update Friday 2/1/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 2/1/02

by Mary Jane

Katie finds herself surrounded by many men, and all in Craig's suite! Apparently Dahlia's credit card was rejected when she made reservations for the NYC firemen and when the firemen came to check into their rooms there was none available. They were sent to Craig's suite. Simon feeling amorous towards Katie rid the suite of the firemen by purchasing Surf and Turf dinners for all of the men, compliments of brother-in-law Craig.

Adam and Abigail discuss what Abigail remembered. Abby wants to go home, but Adam is hesitant because he doesn't want to testify against Abigail. Adam comes up with a plan to get married to save him from testifying against Abby.

Margo receives a call from the state police telling her they found Adam's car abandoned not far from an old hunting cabin belonging to Lucinda Walsh. Margo, Molly pair up to look for the two kids, while Tom and Jake also search. Driving toward the cabin, Margo receives a call on her police radio that there appears to be movement in the cabin. She tells the state police to let her handle it. When Margo and Molly arrive, Abigail and Adam are gone. Molly and Margo wait to see if the kids come back, while looking around Margo finds a foil ring, made by Adam, startled she shows it to Molly.

Jack questions Barbara. Barbara breaks down and tells Jack that she wanted the women who ruined her life gone. She continues that James made the plans and kept her unaware of most of the arrangements. Barbara told Jack she was confused and trusted James, because he cares for her. When Jack poses a simple question as to why she didn't tell someone about James's plans and stop him. Barbara's attitude heightened and she told Jack she wasn't going to incriminate herself for three women who reduced her life to ruble. Jack tells Barbara that she left him no choice but to press charges, because she knew Stenbeck was putting lives in danger and she chose to keep silent. Barbara becomes uncomfortable and demands to see Hal. Jack reminds her what happened to Hal. Jack calls to have Barbara taken to lock up. Barbara unravels. Jack leaves the room. John Dixon is outside the interrogation room, wanting to see Barbara. Craig comes in asking if rumors of Barbara being arrested were true, he also displays a front-page hea

Craig follows Jack to Java, where Jack finally tells Craig that Carly is alive. Craig wants to continue to work with Jack to help get more information about where the women are. Jack doesn't want to continue the partnership.

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