ATWT Update Thursday 1/31/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/31/02

By Mary Jane

During her visit to Nick Scutter's apartment, Margo discovers Brandi is also there. Brandy tells a tale about Nick owing her money. Margo investigates Brandy's purse to find she didn't take anything. Margo lets her go with a warning not to return to the crime scene. A uniformed officer enters Nick's apartment with a store receipt that belonged to Adam and Abigail. The evidence presents itself that the items bought were for camping. Margo clicks and asks the officer to find Tom, because she has a lead about Adam's disappearance.

Jennifer receives a modeling offer in Italy. She accepts the offer and starts to pack. She needs to leave immediately. Paul enters to tell Jen that Barbara has been arrested. Jennifer questions Paul as to whether Barbara will be released on bail. Paul is unsure of the answer. An unexpected visitor knocks on the door. A social worker, called by Will's teacher, is there to check on Will's current living arrangements. When the social worker states that Will and Parker might need to be put into foster care, a concerned Jennifer, tells the social worker that she is taking care of the boys, and is between jobs. Paul also states he will be staying and helping Jennifer with the boys. Satisfied by this the social worker leaves.

Bonnie and Isaac finally get a clue and acknowledge Ben and Jessica's relationship. As the evening progresses Ben slips that Isaac stated to him that Bonnie got under Isaac's skin, and Jessica mentions that Bonnie said Isaac was a good kisser. Both Isaac and Bonnie, flee from the apartment. Back at Java, the pair decide to explore their feelings more in depth.

At the cabin, Adam and Abigail occupy themselves. The temperature of the cabin was starting to drop, so Adam leaves to get some wood for the fireplace. He tells Abigail to put the chair under the doorknob, so that she feels safer. Abby does this and lies on the bed until Adam returns. Abigail starts to remember more of the night Nick was murdered. When Adam arrives back at the cabin Abigail tells him she remembered that someone else was also in the apartment that night!

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