ATWT Update Wednesday 1/30/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/30/02

by Mary Jane

Ben and Jessica prepare for their dinner party with Isaac and Bonnie. Margo interrupts the preparations to ask Jessica for help in acquiring a search warrant for Fairwinds. Jessica manages to provide Margo with assistance and the dinner party remains scheduled. The dinner is to announce to Isaac and Bonnie that Ben and Jessica are in a relationship. But Bonnie and Isaac are convinced that Jessica and Ben are having the dinner to push their relationship further.

At the cabin, a hunter confronts Adam and Abigail. Abigail frightened hides while Adam waffles his way through a confrontation with the man. The pair remain at the cabin, while Abby tries to retrieve her memory.

Katie is still searching for men to appear in her video. She refuses all the pictures of the men she is shown. Lucy and Dahlia are astounded that Katie isn't satisfied with these beautiful men. While Katie is looking through the pictures of the men, she carelessly tosses the pics into a candle and starts a fire. While the firefighters clean up Katie's latest mess, Katie discovers the men she wants in her video. The firemen!

Jack informs Paul about the phone call Hal received from Emily, he tells Paul that all three women are ok. He also tells Paul that Hal is now missing and did not have time to relay all he learned from Emily's phone conversation. After much frustration, Jack gets a search warrant for Fairwinds.

Jennifer visits Barbara to ask her if she knows anything about Hal's disappearance. She notices Barbara has her bags packed and is leaving town. Jennifer says some harsh words to Barbara, before she leaves. Dr. John Dickson arrives to comfort Barbara. Paul interrupts their conversation, approaching his mother about Rose's disappearance. Paul notices Barbara is packed to travel and starts to confront her about this. John gets upset with Paul and threatens to call the police. Paul tells John Barbara probably has had enough dealings with the police. But as the two men argue, Jack Snyder and uniformed officers come to search Barbara's house. During the search they find items James had placed in Barbara's house to prove her guilt… The book James gave Barbara, "The Wheels Spin", the rattle Emily's mother inscribed for Daniel, the Rosary Rose's mother gave her (Paul recognized), and the necklace Craig gave Carly in NYC at the fashion show (Jack recognized). Jack cuffs Barbara and arrests her for kidnapping.

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