ATWT Update Tuesday 1/29/02



As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/29/02

By Mary Jane

Margo, Molly and Jake continue their search for Adam and Abigail. Margo gets info from fellow officers that Adam and Abigail were spotted not far from Oakdale. Meanwhile, Molly and Jake start to go through Abigail's belongings. They feel as though they are compromising her trust, but when Margo gives them the new information, they stop their search and assure themselves that the kids will come through with the correct decisions.

Adam and Abigail are at the cabin. They talk about their situation. Adam tries to convince Abigail that they need to head for California in the morning. Abigail believes it to be important to tell Adam that she never made love to Nick. Adam tells Abby that the only thing he feels is important is that Nick can no longer hurt Abigail. The kids snuggle together for the night.

Hal and Jennifer talk about Barbara's situation. When Hal tells Jen that he arranged for the boys, to stay at Aunt Kim's so that he could look for Adam and Abigail, Jennifer confesses that she aided them by giving Adam and Abigail money. She also admits she lied to Margo about Adam and Abigail's whereabouts. Jennifer then offers to drop Will and Parker at Kim's. Jennifer calls Bonnie, and Bonnie invites Jennifer to Java. When Jen arrives, she seeks out Billy. Billy knows Jennifer wants to continue her modeling so he cozy's up to Brandy in order to make it easy for Jennifer to leave him.

At the spa, Emily and Rose's quest at gaining Hilda's cell phone pays off. Emily makes a call.

Back at Hal's house, Hal receives a phone call. It's Emily. She informs Hal that all three of them, her, Carly and Rose are together and safe. Emily tries to describe as best she can the where they are (mountains, snow and no town in sight), including the fact that they are in a spa. She tells Hal that Dr. Weston is the head of the spa. Emily also tells Hal that Stenbeck took Rose and that he is responsible for their disappearance.

Meanwhile back at Oakdale police department, Jack tries to obtain a search warrant for Fairwinds. Frustrated and getting nowhere he receives a phone call, from Hal. Hal tells Jack that the women are safe. Hal asks Jack to come right over, so he can update him with the information he obtained from Emily. Jack leaves to go to Hal's.

After his phone call to Jack, someone knocks on Hal's door. When he answers the door, no one is there. Hal walks around the patio, as James approaches Hal from behind, he raps him on the head. Hal is knocked out cold, and taken by James.

Jack arrives at Hal's. He senses danger when Hal is nowhere to be found. Jack draws his gun looking for Hal or some kind of clue. On the patio Jack finds and picks up Hal's police badge.

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