ATWT Update Monday 1/28/02



As the World Turns Monday 1/28/02

By Mary Jane

On video at Fairwinds James pleads with Barbara to tell him where the three women are and to let him resolve their disappearance. Hal and Jack overhear the tape and are horrified and disheartened with Barbara. They take her to the Oakdale police station to question her. At the police station, Paul awaits and is also deeply hurt to think his mother is guilty of such a crime. When Barbara refuses to answer any questions, Hal lets her go. Hal tells Barbara to stay away from his house and the children.

Rose and Emily assure Libby that they will help her, when they escape from the spa. Rose and Emily team up to overtake Hilda, by treating her to a forced aromatherapy treatment, after Libby tells them that she always carries a cell phone with her.

Margo, Holden, Molly and Jake are all looking desperately for Abigail and Adam. Meanwhile, Abigail and Adam have borrowed money from Jennifer and have gone into the woods to an old hunting cabin. In which Adam is familiar with, to hide out until Abigail's memory returns.

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