ATWT Update Monday 1/21/02



As the World Turns Monday 1/21/02

By Mary Jane

Hal reunites with Jennifer. He informs Jen about Nick's murder, and Abigail, Molly and Adam's situation. Barbara starts her manipulations to keep Jennifer from leaving town.

Adam approaches Billy to obtain help in beating a polygraph. Billy tries to reason with Adam telling him the truth is better. Adam refuses telling Billy he cannot protect Abigail if her were to tell the truth. Billy finally caves and agrees to do what he can for Adam.

Barbara goes to Java to let Billy know Jennifer is home and to invite Billy to a small family get together, where he can try to convince Jen to stay. Billy agrees to attend the dinner, but assures Barbara that Jennifer will follow her own desires.

Lucy arrives home just as Craig is about to fly out the door in a panic stricken search for his daughter. Lucinda escorts Lucy, proclaiming Craig is not worthy of parenting his daughter. Lucinda threatens to call Sierra. Craig agrees to let Lucy spend a week with her grandmother for Lucinda's silence to Sierra. Before leaving Lucy explains to Craig that she was upset after talking with Billy. Craig comforts Lucy. He tells her she will still have to spend a week, only a week with Lucinda. Lucy reluctantly agrees.

Rose and Emily work together planning an escape for the three of them from the spa. Unknowingly when the women find Carly, Carly's under the influence of an evil Dr. Weston who had given her a special potion to erase her memory. When the women inform Carly of their plan to take her and leave the spa, bringing her back to Jack, Carly asks Jack who? Rose and Emily are horrified.

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