ATWT Update Friday 1/18/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 1/18/02

by Mary Jane

While in the sauna, Rose concludes that the aromatherapy is the way the spa is drugging them. She covers up the vents to allow herself to detox. After a dream involving James Stenbeck, Emily starts to believe Rose is onto something. Emily becomes Rose's comrade in deceiving the spa staff. The women start to plan an escape.

Adam agrees to take Hal and Margo's lie detector test, with a condition. Adam demands that he has a lawyer present and insists he will only answer questions his lawyer approves of.

Molly tells Margo what a loyal and good person Adam is.

Jennifer tells Barbara that she is not home to stay. Barbara is distraught by this and pushes Jennifer to stay home for the sake of the family. An angered Jennifer doesn't show concern for her mother's wishes.

Hal and Will are delighted to find Jennifer home.

Billy and Lucy discuss Billy's affair with Jennifer. Lucy tries to make sense of the situation. She finds the information hard to swallow. Lucy tells Billy she needs time alone to think all this through, she runs out. Billy follows her for a while, but loses Lucy when she gets into a limo.

Katie confronts Dahlia with the truth about their meeting. Satisfied with Dahlia's explanation, Katie signs the contract.

Adam approaches Billy for help. He asks Billy for information on how to beat a lie detector test.

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