ATWT Update Thursday 1/17/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/17/02

By Mary Jane

Katie and Simon say goodbye to each other, while Simon presents Katie with one last plea to fly with him to Paris. Katie turns him down and Simon leaves for Paris. Kim visits Katie to inform her that Dahlia's motives might not be as simple as they seem. Kim informs Katie that Dahlias was researching Katie since last August, and it wasn't a spontaneous meeting during the holidays. Katie confronts Dahlia with this information.

Billy tells Lucy the truth about the night Bryant died. He explains to Lucy that he loves Jennifer, but he is unsure if she is coming home from Europe.

Craig and Jack continue to cooperate with each other to find Carly. When information about James presents itself, Craig is ready to confront Barbara. Jack advises Craig not to go after Barbara; he explains that it will make matters worst. For the moment Craig agrees.

Abigail happily shares news about her dream, that she is finally remembering what happened the night of Nick's murder. Adam and Molly try desperately to convince Abigail that it was a dream, not part of her memory. Abigail knows that it is her memory coming back. Jake and Tom suggest that Abigail take the witness stand. Abigail agrees, but Molly fights the suggestion of putting Abigail on the witness stand. Abigail asks Jake to take her to a professional to help her remember. Molly and Adam share a secret about their vow to protect Abby.

Adam is asked by Margo and Hal to take a lie detector test.

Barbara is invited to stay at Hal's and live with Will. She thinks this is a positive road back to the way things were, she accepts. Hal is happy that she is staying. He also tells Barbara that when Emily returns home, he and Emily will find a new place to live. Barbara enraged within herself, insists that Emily will never be back.

An excited Jennifer bounces in the door, yelling for her father. Jennifer is startled to see her mother at home instead.

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