ATWT Update Wednesday 1/16/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/16/02

by Mary Jane

Tom and Margo discuss having Emily declared an unfit mother.

Barbara convinces Paul to talk to Jack about easing up on her. Making herself at home at Hal's, Barbara begins to plant her roots with Will and Hal.

Jack explains his theory of Barbara being a suspect to Hal. He explains her story about Phil and shows Hal the postcard Carly sent Parker. Both men agree that if Barbara is involved she will be punished. Paul tries to convince Jack that his mother is not apart of Carly's disappearance. Jack questions Paul about his opinion of his mother if she were involved with Rose's disappearance.

Jessica and Ben decide that they should tell Isaac and Bonnie about their "dating" relationship. Ben's attempt to let Isaac in on his good news fails when Isaac is full of conversation about his feelings for Bonnie. Jessica's attempts to tell her daughter Bonnie are not successful, because Bonnie is anxious and speaks of her budding relationship with Isaac. Ben and Jessica settle with letting a waitress at Al's diner know that they are officially dating.

Isaac asks Bonnie out to dinner.

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