ATWT Update Tuesday 1/15/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/115/02

By Mary Jane

Katie and Lucy are at Al's Diner trying to recruit men to Katie's aerobics class. While Katie is attempting to woo a new recruit Simon interrupts, and spoils Katie's efforts. When arriving back at Craig's suite Katie and Lucy plan to watch dance movies to strategize an aerobic routine. Simon interrupts the two again. While asking what they are up to he discovers the movies that they are planning to watch, many dance movies. At this time Dahlia knocks on the door, not wanting Simon to know Dahlia's real identity Kate lies and tells Simon she is planning to get married and Katie is her coach.

Margo lets Hal know she feels Adam is lying about his whereabouts the night Nick Scutter was murdered. While Hal and Margo are discussing this possibility, they receive the comparison of the fingerprints from the glass Adam used and the key found in Nick Scutters apartment. Adam's fingerprints match. This places him at the apartment that night.

Abigail invites Adam over to keep her company. She is having trouble sleeping. Abigail decides she needs to contact a psychologist. She suggests that if she were hypnotized she might remember. Adam is very much against this idea. Adam tries to convince Abigail that going to a psychologist could make matters worst for Molly. Adam relaxes Abigail; she lies on the couch to try to rest. Adam receives a phone call; it is Margo and Hal asking him to come to the police station so they can talk.

At the police station, Hal and Margo ask Adam about his key to the edit room. Adam claims that he gave the key to Abigail so she could give it to Molly, because his internship was almost over. Adam enraged at his parents disbelief storms out of the station. Margo and Hal feel Adam might be deceiving them for Abigail.

Jack arrives at the Old Mill only to discover a body. Phil the limo driver is dead. Jack phones Paul and asks him and Barbara to come down to ID Phil as the suspect in Barbara's attack. Barbara panics. She thinks Phil has told Jack about her involvement with James Stenbeck. She is unaware that Phil is dead. When Barbara and Paul arrive Jack questions Barbara again. Then he asks Paul and Barbara to ID the body.

Abigail experiences a vivid dream, and remembers seeing Nick die.

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