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As the World Turns Monday 1/14/02

By Mary Jane

Rose attempts to convince Carly and Emily that the spa is not heaven on earth. Rose tells Carly and Emily that James's Stenbeck is behind the whole incident. An unwilling Rose is taken to a seaweed bath.

Barbara is approached by Phil, the man James hired to drive the limo. Phil is searching for James, and is worried that James did something unethical with the women he drove. Phil, an actor, thought he was doing a reality show involving the woman. Phil threatens to go to the police. During his conversation with Barbara he comes to the realization that she is an accomplice of James's. When Phil starts to leave to tell the police, Barbara jumps on his back and yells for help. Paul comes to Barbara's rescue and knocks Phil out. While Paul phones the police, Barbara explains that the man jumped her. As Phil awakens, Paul tells him to stay where he is, just as Barbara yells that Paul's name is Paul Ryan Stenbeck. This frightens Phil and he runs. Barbara explains to Paul all she knew about the man is that his name was Phil.

Jack enters Carly's apartment searching for a clue to her disappearance. Jack hears a noise coming from Carly's bedroom; he draws his gun and declares to the perp that he is the police and to come out with their hands up. Craig walks out of the bedroom; he entered through Carly's bedroom window. Both men admit that they were there to find clues to Carly's disappearance. They agree to work together to find Carly. Jack gets a phone call from the station. Both men leave.

Back at Barbara's Paul tells Jack what happened. Jack is in disbelief that an attacker would take time to introduce himself. While speaking to Paul Jack receives a phone call from the police telling him that a man named Phil needs to speak with him.

At his suite, Craig tells Simon that plans are set for Paris. Simon is hesitant due to Katie's sudden strange behavior. Lucy tells Craig he should go find Carly. Craig will not leave Lucy; Simon agrees to take the trip to Paris. Craig suggests room service, but Lucy tells her father she is going to meet Katie for dinner. When Craig suggest that he drive Lucy, she convinces him that she is capable of going alone, but first she cons money out of Craig.

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