ATWT Update Friday 1/11/02



As The World Turns Update Friday 1/11/02

by Mary Jane

Barbara regrettably hands Jack the postcard sent from Carly. Jack is more convinced that Barbara was hiding evidence. At the police department Jack hopes that the name of the limo service Carly wrote about helps to solve the mystery of her disappearance. Unfortunately Jack discovers the limo service has no record of picking Carly up. Mitzi visits Jack to see if he is any closer to finding Rose. Mitzi points out, that no one can disappear without a trace. This statement moves Jack, he agrees as he jumps up to go investigate.

Tom is in an interrogation room with Molly, he is trying to uncover information that Molly is not informing him about. According to the medical examiners office, Nick Scutter died approximately between 10:00 and 10:15; Molly didn't call 911 until 10:45. Tom demands to know what happened during the gap in time. Jake tries to connect with Molly; he is convinced that she is not trying to tell him everything.

Margo tells Tom that she might have uncovered evidence that could help Molly, but that Adam is involved in the new evidence.

Rose tries to understand Carly's attitude toward their situation. Carly is at ease and happy with her surroundings. Rose is desperate to figure out where she is and how she can leave. Rose gets nowhere with Carly. Carly shows Rose around the spa. The women are dressed in white robes and are being waited on by beautiful men. Rose does not accept any drinks or food, worrying that she will be drugged further. While speaking and trying to tell Carly about her situation, the two women come upon another Oakdale resident, Emily. Happy to see Emily, hoping that she is aware of her situation, Rose quickly learns, Emily is also under something's influence.

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