ATWT Update Thursday 1/10/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/10/02

By Mary Jane

Paul and Jack asks the waitress at Al's if she recognizes James as being the man who took Rose from the diner. The waitress tells Jack and Paul she is uncertain if James is the man.

Margo questions Adam about the night Nick was murdered. Adam's story contradicts his previous statement. Adam's answers leave Margo uncomfortable and concerned. Adam leaves to make a call. A uniform officer enters and gives Margo information about the investigation. He tells Margo that there was no fingerprints in the room, that the fingerprints were wiped away clean. The mysterious key was a key from the editing room at WOAK. The key had fingerprints, but the prints were from no one that was supposed to be in the room the night of Nick's murder. Adam tells Margo he has to leave to attend a meeting at WOAK where he is working on an internship. Upon leaving articles drop out of a hole in Adam's pocket. He mentions to Margo that he has lost a lot of stuff out of his pocket. Before leaving Margo removes a glass that Adam held in order to check his fingerprints.

Isaac and Bonnie are in the back room at Java discussing their relationship and the kiss they shared during the benefit. Bonnie keeps Isaac on his toes, the two share another kiss. Isaac is growing passionate towards Bonnie; she wants to take things slow. Isaac agrees, as they share yet another kiss. Lisa interrupts the couple kissing. Lisa announces that the City Times is going to do a article about Java Underground. Lisa leaves to get interviewed by the City Times. Bonnie discovers Isaac's little black book, full of women's names and numbers. She becomes enraged. The door to the backroom is stuck and Bonnie and Isaac are locked in the room together.

Rose wakes up ina spa. She finds a door, as she goes for the door, Carly confronts her. Rose questions Carly as to why they are at the spa. Carly appears to be at peace where she is.

Will walks in on Barbara, as she gets very upset because she couldn't contact James. Will asks who James is and questions why she so mad at him. She waffles her way through her explanation saying James is her plumber. Will shows Barbara a post card Carly sent to Parker from Paris. Later when Will leaves Barbara tries to burn the post card, she isn't able to burn it, and so she hides it. Jack comes to visit Barbara. Jack announces to Barbara that he has good instincts toward criminals and their intentions. He hints at James having an agenda involving her. He threatens that any punishment James Stenbeck receives, he is confident that there will be plenty left over for her! Barbara tells Jack she knows nothing about the disappearance of Carly, Emily and Rose. Will says hi to Jack. Jack tells Will he is on his way to visit Parker and asks if there are any messages he would like him to give Parker. Will suggests that Jack take Parkers postcard from Carly. Jack looks at Barbara, she looks horrified.

Jake meets up with Abigail at Nick's gravesite and he tries to comfort her. They share precious time, and find comfort within their conversation. Jake leaves Abigail to give her time alone at Nick's gravesite. Abigail forgives Nick. After she leaves Nick's gravesite, a strange woman appears at the grave, and leaves a flower.

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