ATWT Update Wednesday 1/9/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/9/02

by Mary Jane

Paul confronts his mother about her blackmail attempt aimed at Rose. During their conversation, Barbara slips up and mentions Rose's crime was prostitution. When Paul tells Barbara that he never revealed what crime Rose was arrested for, he knew Barbara was guilty. Paul considers heavily that Barbara is partnered with James and is part of Rose's disappearance. When the two agree that their conversation is going nowhere, Paul leaves and phones Jack to meet him at Al's with a picture of his father, James Stenbeck. While Paul is phoning Jack, Barbara tries to phone James, his line is unavailable. Barbara is laden with worry.

Lucy meets Billy at Al's diner. The two cousins share a moment about Bryant. Billy takes Lucy to the gym where he works out. The cousins run into Katie, who is trying desperately to impress the aerobics class. Katie is failing miserably. When the class resumes, and the participants are not respondent, Billy jumps in to help Katie motivate the women. It works and Katie's class is a success, she gets the job!

At Nick's, Jake sternly tells Margo to leave Abigail alone. He points out that Margo is a police officer and is doing her job. He tells Abigail she might be a good cop at the present time, but her bad cop side could appear if necessary. Margo mentions to Jake that Abigail is an adult and she doesn't need his permission and he can only stay if he leaves her alone. Jake informs Abigail that Molly is being held without bail. Adam enters Nick's. Jake starts to question Adam as if he were guilty, trying to show Margo how it feels to see her child going through questioning. During Jake's questioning, Adam disturbs Margo with his responses. Adam and Abigail leave to Al's to talk and relax. After a heated discussion, Jake storms out, reminding Margo that during Alec Wallace's trial, he was one of her strongest supporters.

Kim visits Molly in jail, acknowledging her full support for Molly. Kim tells Molly Nick had no next of kin and she was asked to make his funeral arrangements, being his last employer.

Adam and Abigail run into Kim at Al's, when Abigail finds out that Nick is buried near the penitentiary her emotions overtake her and she runs to visit the gravesite. Margo stops Adam from running after Abigail, she tells Adam that she noticed how Adam reacted to Jake's questioning, and she needs answers to what happened the night Nick Scutter died.

Craig asks a favor of Simon. He asks Simon to go to Paris to look for Carly. Simon finally accepts, after Craig offers Simon two tickets so he can take Katie with him for a honeymoon. Simon tells Katie he has a job in Paris for a week and that they are going to Paris, Katie declines. She tells Simon that he should go alone to do his job.

Lucy tells Craig about plans she has made with Billy. Craig briefly starts to say something about Billy, regarding guilt and Bryant's death. But he stops and insists Billy is off limits. Lucy is confused and looking for an explanation to what Craig said.

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