ATWT Update Tuesday 1/8/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/8/02

By Mary Jane

Molly's arraignment arrives and the judge denies her bail.  Against Adams warnings, Abigail requests Margo to take her to Nick's apartment to help her remember what happened the night of Nick's murder. Margo finally gives in to Abby. After a while and with Margo counseling her, Abigail starts to recall some of the events of that dreadful evening. As Abby remembers Jake arrives, demanding Abigail to stop!

Jack, Hal and Paul are going over the disappearances, as Barbara walks into Hal's house. Barbara senses the men's discomfort. As she tries to relate, she finds her easiest way out of the conversation is by accusing Craig of abducting the three women. She states that Craig would do anything for money, and exclaims it is not her fault! At this she leaves for upstairs, Jack goes to question Craig, Paul has a meeting with Mitzi and Hal is going to visit Parker and then he is leaving to find Emily.

Katie and Simon are rolling around in Craig's suite, when Craig and Lucy enter the room. Craig states that Lucy can say hi to her Uncle Simon and Aunt Katie when they come up for air. Katie is delighted and astonished to see how grown Lucy has become. While Lucy is in her room, Craig acknowledges his feeling of anxiety to Simon and Katie about hurting Lucy, and losing her love. He plans to be careful of her feelings. A knock on the door of the suite brings Jack Snyder to Craig's door. Jack suggests Craig's daughter leaves, when Craig tells Jack he is not going to clear the room for him, Jack blurts out that he wants to know if Craig had anything to do with Carly, Emily and Rose's abduction. Lucy gets upset at this accusation, so Craig suggests that Katie and Lucy leave to go shopping. Simon receives a call and leaves to meet Paul. Jack tells Craig that Rambuad, never called Carly. Craig explains to Jack that Carly wrote notes during a phone call at his suite; Craig rummages through his desk until he comes u

After shopping Katie takes Lucy to Al's, there she asks her to make excuses to Simon as to why she didn't arrive home with her. Katie and Lucy instead run into Simon at Al's and Lucy makes an excuse for Katie to leave. Simon takes Lucy home.

Katie arrives at her job interview, or tryout. She is introduced to an aerobics class she is going to instruct. The looks Katie receives are startling.

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