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As the World Turns Monday 1/7/02

By Mary Jane

Lily proves to Paul that Vince did contact Rose and
that Rose did not leave with Vince. Lily and Paul questions the waitress who worked the evening of Rose's disappearance. The waitress was vague describing the man who escorted Rose.

Jack and Hal discuss Carly and Emily's disappearance. Barbara interrupts and offers advice to both men that the women probably want to be wherever they are. Neither Jack nor Hal really want to hear this. Barbara leaves to Fairwinds. Meanwhile Jack receives a call from Rambaud's assistant. The assistant tells Jack that he did receive a call from Craig Montgomery regarding Carly working for him, but Rambaud needed no help and never called Carly. Jack and Hal are now startled at the disappearance of both women.

At Fairwinds, James Stenbeck waits as Barbara arrives to pick up some belongings before going back to Hal's to watch Will. Barbara threatens James that the questions of the women's disappearance are starting. She says if Jack and Hal become inquisitive, Barbara claims she will blame James for the whole dastardly deed. She believes Hal would believe her and not believe a word James utters.

After Barbara leaves to Hal's, James looks over three very precious belongings, 1 Rosary belonging to Rose's mother, 1 sterling silver baby rattle given and engraved to Daniel by his grandma, and the Diamond necklace Craig presented to Carly at the NYC fashion show. James takes these belongings and places them in a drawer in Barbara's study. He puts them there in case Barbara thinks she is going to blame him for the women's disappearance.

Paul and Lily show up at Hal's in time to inform both Hal and Jack that Rose is also missing. Astounded to hear this, they all start to put their heads together. Lily goes to research Rose's address book. While Paul states that what has happened is beyond crazy, Hal states he believes it was incredibly well planned. As the plot thickens, the trio questions who could hate all three women and at the same time Barbara enters Hal's house.

Jake arrives at the Oakdale police department; Margo questions him about the events from the night of Nick's death. Margo questions Jake as to why he brought a gun, and why he didn't have the amount of money Scutter was demanding. He explains that he couldn't come up with the amount of money without the banks being opened and that he thought the gun might scare Nick away, especially seeing he didn't have all the money.

Tom runs into Adam at Al's diner and questions him about the night of Scutter's murder.

Abigail visits Molly at jail. Abby asks Molly if it was possible that Molly was covering for her (Abby) murdering Nick. Molly tells Abigail no way, and that she never wants her to ask that question again.

Tom arrives to speak to Molly. Abigail leaves Tom and Molly to talk. Abigail asks Margo if she would take her to Nick Scutter's apartment, hoping it will help her remember what transpired that evening. Tom informs Molly that the District Attorney is prosecuting Molly for Murder 1!

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