ATWT Update Friday 1/4/02


As The World Turns Update Friday 1/4/01

by Mary Jane

As Jake and Adam leave to take Abigail to the hospital to be examined, Margo enters with a search warrant. Margo demands that Adam stay and be questioned. Jake leaves with Abigail, while Margo questions Adam and searches Jakes home.

Meanwhile Jack attempts to get personal time to search for Carly. Hal denies Jack time off, due to Hal taking personnel time to search for Emily. Jack and Hal argue, but there is no argument Hal's the boss and reminds Jack of this fact. Holden phones Jack with some last minute questions about their plan to meet Nick, Jack informs Holden that the meeting is no longer necessary, because Nick was murdered. He tells Holden that Molly is a suspect. Jack investigates Nick's apartment. Holden arrives; he stands outside the apartment speaking to Jack while the other officers investigate. One of the officers bring over a key that they discovered in Nick's apartment. Startled by the recognition of the key, Holden dismisses himself. Jack is aware of Holden's discomfort seeing the key.

Sierra and Lucy arrive at Al's diner for a late snack before going home from the benefit. Unbeknownst to Sierra, Craig is already at the diner. The three sit while Lucy explains calmly to Sierra why she feels the need to stay in Oakdale with her father. Sierra apparently upset, excuses herself to compose her thoughts. Lucy tells Craig to be supportive of her mother, and to go make sure she is alright. Craig does what his daughter suggests. Sierra and Craig speak calmly; Sierra's decision is to let Lucy stay with her father. Sierra sets standards that she demands Craig follow. Craig is confident he will be a good father to Lucy.

Barbara goes to Hal's to take care of Will. James follows her wanting to bed Barbara. Barbara denies James, and when Hal almost walks in on them she threatens to yell rape if James doesn't leave. James leaves acknowledging that Barbara won this round.

After being examined at the hospital, Abigail arrives at the police station to be questioned. Holden and Jake are with her. Only one parent can escort Abigail into the questioning room. Abigail nicely asks Holden if he would understand if Jake went in the questioning room with her, she explains because Jake is Molly's husband, she feels he should be present. Abigail explains further that she wants to do whatever is in Molly's best interest. Holden accepts her decision and Jake goes with Abigail. Jack's questioning is hard on Abigail. Jake upset with Jacks questioning of Abigail, starts to leave with her, telling Jack next time he wants to go after someone, don't go after his wife or kids, go after him. Margo and Jack are not convinced that Abigail, Molly or Jake's stories are forthright. Jack states to Margo that maybe they should take Jake's advice and go after him.

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