ATWT Update Thursday 1/3/02



As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/3/01

By Mary Jane

Simon creates a special evening for Katie in the suite, because he cannot afford to take Katie to the the benefit at Java. Lily interrupts their evening, asking Simon if he would help her search for Rose. Simon agrees, inviting Katie to come along. Katie receives a long awaited phone call from Dahlia and decides to let Simon go alone with Lily. Dahlia is the woman who offered Katie an aerobics instructor position. Dahlia promises Katie will make aerobic videos, books and millions!

Lily and Simon search Rose's house to find a personal possession that they are sure she would take with her. They find, a ring Joe gave her from her mother. Lily is now more convinced than ever before that Rose was kidnapped. Simon and Lily plan to find Vince's picture and go to Al's diner to ask if this is the man Rose left with.

During the hospital benefit, Sierra realizes that Craig is not to blame for Lucy being withdrawn from school. The culprit is hiding, Sierra searches for Lucy, knowing she withdrew herself from school. Lucinda tries to convince Sierra to give Lucy more space. Sierra is still burdened with regret, about letting Bryant live with Lucinda. Lucinda realizes that Sierra doesn't trust her. Craig escorts Lucy to her mother; he immediately leaves, telling Lucy that the conversation is between her and her mother. Craig overhears Lucy telling Sierra, she will not go back to Montega with her and if she makes her she will run away, that even though Sierra doesn't still love Craig, she does and needs to be near him.

Also during the benefit at Java, Ben and Jessica discover that their secret date isn't secret to everyone. Isaac rewards Bonnie with a bouquet of flowers. Isaac and Bonnie become closer after the benefit.

While attending the benefit, Margo receives an urgent call that someone was murdered. Kim recognizes the address as Nick Scutter's boarding house.

Molly enters Nicks. Soon after Molly arrives, Jake is in the hall of the boarding house. The landlady stops to speak to him. She tells Jake that Nick had many female visitors; she continues to tell Jake that there was a lot of screaming there this evening. When Jake enters Nick's room, he discovers Nick dead, and Molly holding the music box that killed him. The police arrive and hold the two at gunpoint. Margo enters and Jake immediately takes blame for the murder. At the police station, Molly convinces Jake that she needs to right this wrong and she being the responsible party should take on the burden of Nick's murder. Molly points out to Jake that the twins need him. While Molly is being booked on murder charges, Jake goes home to tell Abigail what has transpired.

Abigail is home, lying on the couch with Adam by her side. Abigail is trying to sort out the events of the evening. She is guilt ridden due to causing the people who really love her so much agony. Adam supports her. Jake delivers the news to Abigail that Nick Scutter was murdered and her mother is the main suspect!

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