ATWT Update Wednesday 1/2/02



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 1/2/02

by Mary Jane

Oakdale Hospital's benefit is a smashing success, with many prominent Oakdale residents in attendance. Craig is in attendance with daughter Lucy, Hal with Parker, Tom with Daniel, Lucinda, John, Barbara, Kim, Bob, Billy and many other guests. Jessica is attending with Ben as her secret date. Even Isaac and Bonnie share a tender moment on the dance floor. Tom sings; and Jessica surprises everyone with a wonderful singing performance.

Rose is passenger to the same driver that has seemingly vanished Carly and Emily. As she awakens, Rose still groggy tries to remember what transpired, only to the realization that she is trapped and has no way of escape.

Meanwhile Paul is convinced that Rose has rendezvoused with Vince. He has checked her dresser and knowing Rose's possessions are gone; Paul concludes she has left with her belongings. Paul and Lily come upon love letters planted by James in Rose's house. The two read some of the letters. After reading the letters, Paul declares to Lily that he no longer can trust Rose and if his trust is gone, so is he! Paul leaves Rose's house with no anticipation of ever being with Rose again.

Jack investigates further at the Oakdale airport. He tries to find out why Carly wasn't on the plane. He discovers that although she had tickets, she never showed up at the Paris airport. Hal meets Jack at the airport to discuss Emily's case. When Hal tells Jack that neither the ladder against Tom's house or the goodbye letter had fingerprints or traces of material from Emily's gloves, Jack becomes curious. Hal cautiously suggests to Jack the possibility of Craig hearing something from Carly. Jack follows Craig to the benefit to question him about Carly. Craig uninterested tells Jack he hasn't heard anything, but offers Jack help if needed. Jack unkindly tells Craig the best help he could provide is no help.

Lucy, Craig's daughter, tells Billy that she has withdrawn herself from her boarding school for the next semester. She proceeds to tell Billy that she will be living in Oakdale. Lucy cautions Billy that her parents are unaware of her actions.

Sierra enters Java, furious with Craig! She sharply snaps at him, telling him she cannot believe he would stoop so low as to secretly withdraw his daughter from the boarding school she was attending to keep her in Oakdale. Lucy dismisses herself from the conversation, leaving her father with a furious Sierra!

Abigail questions Nick about Molly and Jake's accusation's of blackmailing Molly for half a million dollars. Without many answers Nick passionately kisses Abigail, creating a diversion from the direction the conversation was going. Abigail, taken with the kiss agrees to leave with Nick. Nick excuses himself, he phones Molly to push the deadline ahead. Nick gives Molly one hour to come up with the money. Molly frightened Nick will leave with Abigail before Jake can get the money leaves Adam waiting for Jake at the condo, while she goes to Nicks. Still skeptical Abigail searches Nick's room while he is gone. She stumbles upon a music box in his nightstand drawer that his secret female friend had engraved and given him. Nick lies about the music box, but this time Abigail has the proof in her hand. She comes to the chilling realization that Nick is the man everyone has warned her about! Cornered, the Nick Molly and Jake have warned Abigail about emerges. Terrified, when Nicks back is turned Abigail tries to phone home. Adam rushes to the phone, when he answers the line is dead. Adam rushes out to Abigail's assistance. Molly arrives at the boarding house, pounding on Nick's door, but no one is answering?

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