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As the World Turns Friday 10/25/02

By Loretta
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After Molly presents Mike with home cooked bacon and eggs, Mike insists she should not have gone to this much trouble. Molly snaps at him, but soon apologizes. Molly says she is confused about their relationship. Mike tells her he understands, since Jake has only been gone a short time.

Hal arrives home after searching all night for Lucy and Aaron. Hal tells Emily that without her, he could not face this crisis with Will. They kiss.

Carly brings Jack breakfast at the station; she reminds him they are to meet that day with the publicist and photographer from Blushing Bride magazine. At first, Jack says he is too busy, but agrees to meet them. Carly kisses Jack goodbye as she leaves for the office.

Rosanna phones Henry and tells him that Craig was out all night, and he must find out whom he was with. Craig arrives home to find Rosanna there. Craig tells her that Lucy ran off with Aaron (now an escaped fugitive). Rosanna offers to help, but Craig replies that the only way she can help is to leave. Hurt, Rosanna leaves.

Abigail arrives to tell Molly she is leaving that evening to join Adam in L.A. Abigail explains that since the Nick Scudder murder trial, she has been so stressed, and getting away from Oakdale is just what she needs. When Molly tells her they should discuss this move first, Abigail says no.

Emily tells Hal she thinks Alison ran off to find Lucy and Aaron. Susan arrives, and is told that Alison ran away. Susan realizes that this is the day Alison was to appear in family court.  She decides she will tell the court clerk that Alison is ill.

Hal arrives at the station and tells Jack he must postpone his honeymoon as he cannot afford to spare him. Jack tells Hal not to push people, and there is no way he is canceling his honeymoon. When Holden arrives, Hal explains how Alison unlocked Aaron’s cell so he could escape.

Craig arrives at Monte Carlo and finds Carly there. Craig tells her that Sierra will stay in Montega in case Lucy shows up there. After discussing Lucy and Aaron’s relationship, Carly tells Craig that Lucy also ran away from him. Craig argues with Carly that she should try and see his point of view about Lucy and Aaron.

After Molly tearfully says goodbye to Abigail, Mike leaves. Molly then phones Rosanna and tells her she needs to see her at the Lakeview immediately. After Molly leaves, Mike walks back in and hears Rosanna’s message about meeting Molly at the Lakeview.

Jack arrives to meet the publicist and photographer of the magazine. He quickly gets irritated with them as they fuss over his nice bone structure, shoulders, etc. The publicist tells Jack that his honeymoon location has been changed to Monte Carlo so the Spring Line can be launched.

Craig tells Carly she is making a huge mistake by marrying Jack, and he was hoping she would have made this ordeal with Lucy more bearable. Craig starts to walk out, Carly tells him to wait.

Molly asks Rosanna to refrain from letting Mike know about her donation, as she wishes to tell Mike herself. When Mike arrives, Molly tells him it is time she finally told him the truth.

Lucy and Aaron are seen on the bike around St. Louis, they stop at Webster University where they meet Aaron’s friend, Brady. Two kids walk by Lucy and Aaron, recognize them, and tell them their photos are all over the television and newspapers.