ATWT Update Thursday 10/24/02


As the World Turns Thursday 10/24/02

By Loretta

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Jessica arrives at Java Underground and greets Ben, later they slow dance. Henry arrives and tells Bonnie that Paul has something on that videotape and he is lying. Bonnie realizes Henry is right. Before Bonnie quickly leaves, she tells Jessica she needs to talk to Paul.

Paul arrives at the Lakeview and tells Marshall if he does not tell him when James is to return he will release the videotape. Marshall hands Paul a telegram from James.

Hal phones Jack to inform him that Aaron escaped from jail. Jack puts out an APB. Hal discovers his jail keys are missing and Emily realizes that Alison took them.

After visiting Aaron in jail, Lucy arrives home with Lucinda. Alison arrives shortly after with Aaron who says he will head back to Seattle. Alison insists on going with him, but Aaron stops her.

Craig arrives at the police department and learns that Aaron escaped. Craig phones Lucy who tells him she is with Aaron. Craig tries to convince Lucy to make Aaron turn himself in, but Lucy says she cannot leave him.

Paul reads the telegram from James which states he is to arrive with the ghouls on Halloween night. Marshall tells Paul he will lead him to James. When Paul tells Marshall he must press charges against James upon his return, Marshall agrees.

Alison arrives at Emilyís and admits she helped Aaron escape but she does not know where he is now. After Emily yells at her, Hal tells Alison she is under arrest.

Lucy tells Aaron she made her mind up and will leave Oakdale with him. They kiss and head off on Aaronís motorcycle.

After Lucy hangs up the phone, Craig tells Jack that if anything happens to Lucy, he will hold the entire Snyder family responsible.

Jack arrives at Halís and informs him of Aaronís escape with Lucy. Hal tells Jack that it was Alison who let Aaron escape from jail with his keys. Alison tells them she would do anything for Aaron.

Jessica wonders why Bonnie ran out of Java Underground so quickly. Henry tells her that Paul had urgent business with Marshall Travers. This news gets Jessica nervous.

Bonnie arrives at the Lakeview and asks Paul what is on that tape. Paul tells Bonnie he cannot disclose what the tape has on it, he only says the tape is buried as long as Marshall deliverers James to him. Paul leaves with Bonnie.

Brandy meets with Marshall and tells him that if he does not pay her what she is worth, she would make him be sorry. Marshall agrees and hands her an envelope full of lots of cash, telling her she must get close to Paul. Marshall instructs her to meet with Paul on Halloween night, to make him think he is meeting with James. As Brandy leaves, Marshall tells her not to disappoint him. Alone, Marshall tells himself he is frightened.

Hal tells Alison that he will deal with her later, he leaves with Jack. Alison is upset when she learns that Aaron took off with Lucy and left her, after she helped him. Emily tells her she needs to realize that Aaron is not interested in her.

Craig arrives at Lucindaís; they discuss how Lucy took off with Aaron. Jack and Hal look for clues.

After optimistically discussing their relationship, Jessica tells Ben she loves him. Bonnie arrives and tells Jessica that Paul has something on that videotape and she intends to get a copy of it.

After leaving Emily a goodbye note, Alison leaves.