ATWT Update Wednesday 10/23/02


As the World Turns Wednesday 10/23/02

By Loretta
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As Mike and Molly arrive home, he presents her with a bag of mini marshmallows (he remembered she told him that her mom used to put them in her hot cocoa).

Craig tries to convince Rosanna to wait until after Carly’s wedding to present Molly’s check to Mike, as it will ruin the launch of Monte Carlo. Rosanna says he is doing this just to keep Carly happy. Rosanna tells Craig she still has feelings for Mike.

Carly takes Jack to her office, and shows him her wedding designs. They kiss and discuss the children they will have.

Lucinda arrives at the police station. Alison tells her how Aaron is in jail, but is innocent. Alison tells Lucinda that she called her as she is rich, mean, and pushy, just the right person to help Aaron. Lucinda agrees to help Aaron in the morning.

From his cell, Aaron tells Lucy how Hal will never believe his innocence and will try to put him away. Lucy tells Aaron that since Alison was present when Will gave his testimony, she must testify against him.

When Rosanna tells Craig she was hoping for him to tell her three words, Craig tells her he wants her. Rosanna says she was hoping for an, 'I love you' instead, and tells him he will always have Carly in his heart.

Carly gives Jack a gold vintage vest to wear with his wedding tuxedo. Jack says the vest is “different.” Carly tells Jack she was put on the earth for three things: to be Parker's mom, to design clothes, and to be Mrs. Jack Snyder. Their kiss is interrupted by a call from Holden, who tells Jack about Aaron. Jack heads off to the police station.

Craig tells Rosanna he has forgotten about Carly, and she should do the same. Rosanna agrees to postpone showing Mike the check.

After telling Molly that Rosanna has changed so much, Mike tells Molly he is falling in love with her. Molly tells Mike that there are many things he does not know about her. When Mike leaves, Molly phones Carly, and asks if she is sure Rosanna will keep her mouth shut about the check. Carly says that Craig promised.

Alison arrives at Emily’s and learns that Will had another seizure. After Emily leaves to check on Daniel, Alison removes a set of keys from the kitchen drawers. Alison leaves.

Rosanna meets with Henry at the Lakeview and hands him a check. Rosanna tells Henry that she may need to get out of a contract, so she needs him to spy on Carly and Craig for her. Henry smiles and agrees.

Craig arrives at the office and finds Carly with her wedding designs. Carly asks Craig for the check copy now, but Craig insists he has the situation under control. Craig tells Carly there is a chance that Rosanna may pull the plug on Monte Carlo if she does not get what she wants. Carly tells Craig that if he does not keep his end of the bargain, she will make him wish he were still married to Barbara Ryan.

Alison, disguised as the maid, unlocks Aaron’s cell. Aaron thanks Alison and leaves.