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As the World Turns Tuesday 10/22/02

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Rosanna (pretending to be Carly) phones the police station to ask where Jack is.

Craig tries his best to convince Jack to pose with Carly on their wedding day, for the cover of the prestigious Blushing Bride magazine. Jack agrees but tells Craig he hopes this was really Carly’s idea and not his.

Molly and Mike meet Carly and Jack at Java Underground (Molly is to help convince Jack to have Blushing Bride magazine cover their wedding). Molly tells Carly about the phone call that Mike received from Rosanna earlier that day. Carly tells Molly that Craig promised to keep Rosanna from showing the check to Mike. When Carly tries to tell Jack about Blushing Bride magazine, Jack surprises her first, that he knows all about this, since the magazine phoned him at work. Jack asks Carly if Craig talked her into this.

Alison phones Aaron to tell him that Will stated that he saw him start the fire in the barn, and now Hal is on the warpath. Since Alison was in the room when Will stated that he saw Aaron start the fire, she is forced to give this testimony to the police. Aaron decides it will be better if he just turns himself in.

Craig arrives at Java Underground to tell Carly he cannot stop Rosanna from showing Mike the check. Rosanna arrives. Craig then takes Rosanna aside and offers to help her break up Mike and Molly, but on one condition, that she does not show Mike the check until after Carly and Jack’s wedding.

Hal expresses his gladness about Will’s recovery to Emily. Hal and Emily share a kiss. Later, Emily tells Alison that Aaron has turned himself in. Alison tells Emily how when Will first woke up from the coma, Barbara put ideas in his head that Aaron started the fire. Emily thinks Alison may be right, so she approaches Barbara about this. Barbara denies this, and says that since she got no justice from the fire she was injured in, her son will. Emily tells Barbara that she is using Will to try and look good in Hal’s eyes.

At the jail, Tom questions Aaron about the fire (Holden and Lucy are there). Holden tells Tom that Will may not be telling the truth, as he caught the boy in a few lies. When Hal arrives, Holden asks him if Will is telling the truth and mentions Will‘s lies. This angers Hal.

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Carly tells Jack her feelings about her dream wedding, and how their magazine cover photo will allow her to share this special day with the world. Jack tells her he understands but cannot figure out why Craig knew this before him. They kiss.

Molly, afraid Mike will see the check, cannot take her eyes off Rosanna. Sensing Molly’s mood change, Mike advises her they leave. Jack tells Molly he will agree to pose with Carly for the cover of Blushing Bride magazine.

Barbara phones Hal to let him know that Will just had another seizure, so he is still in danger. This angers Hal, so he visits Aaron in jail and tells him that he will make sure that Will’s testimony buries him in court.

Alison, panicking that Aaron must spend the night in jail, phones Lucinda.