ATWT Update Friday 12/28/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/28/01

by Mary Jane

Barbara is at the benefit. Kim, Nancy, Bob and Lisa are all very happy that Barbara is attendance. They talk about how Paul and Rose seem so happy with each other. This throws Barbara, she thinks they are broken up. Lily arrives (as Rose), Paul proceeds to apologize to Rose and the couples reunite.

Adam and Abigail continue to talk abut Abigail's dilemma.

Nancy is present at the benefit. She is introduced by Bob and sings a very delightful rendition of "Respect". Nancy is outstanding and delights the crowd! Isaac and Bonnie agree that the benefit is going to be a great success.

Paul and Rose are on the dance floor. Jessica and Ben are dancing and enjoying each others company as well. Paul leans over and surprises Rose with a kiss. He immediately questions Lily as to Rose's whereabouts. Lilly tells Paul where Rose is. Paul rushes to leave, he runs into his mother who wonders why he is leaving Rose at the benefit alone. Paul tells Barbara that it is Lily, not Rose. This delights Barbara who then knows, that the plan is working like a charm.

At Al's diner, James sits down with Rose. He spins a tale about Vince O'Malley. Then James asks Rose to go with him. Rose is too smart, she tips James's hat he is wearing and tells him that she doesn't believe him and that she knows he is Mr. James Stenbeck. She stands up to leave, but James has slipped a "mickey" in her coffee and she is drugged, she cannot move without help. James takes her.

Paul arrives at Al's. Where Rose's sat all that is left is her coffee cup and her scarf. Paul is disappointed.

At the police station Margo and Hal are arguing over Emily. Margo tells Hal that she has made arrangements to have Jack take over Emily's case. Hal tells Margo that the goodbye letter, that was suppose to be written by Emily was fingerprinted. The results were the letter contained no fingerprints and no material from cloth gloves. Hal concludes that whoever left the letter was wearing latex gloves. Molly, Holden and Jake are speaking to Jack about how to go about delivering the money to Nick, Jack suggests Molly wear a wire. Jack is quick to leave, the station, he is excited because he is going to pick up Carly at the airport.

Jack and Parker are waiting at the airport. After it seemed as thought all the passengers have exited the plane, Jack asks the flight attendant if she had seen her. The attendant apologizes and tells Jack Carly must have missed the flight. Jack disappointed tells Parker that his mother wouldn't have missed her flight.

James enters Rose's home, he takes her suitcase and leaves a bundle of envelopes tied with a red ribbon on the table. He places a stuffed reindeer next to the letters, James uses rubber gloves so as not to leave finger prints.

Abigail arrives at Nicks, she tells Nick before she leaves with him, she has some questions that he must answer.

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