ATWT Update Thursday 12/27/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/27/01

By Mary Jane

Molly phones Holden, as the two are speaking, Lily enters the room panic stricken. Abigail has left! Holden tells Molly of the situation, both agree to phone if they see or hear from her. Holden goes out in search of Abigail.

Jake and Molly are discussing paying off Nick Scutter, and how protect Abigail. Jake thinks it isn't wise to give Nick the money. He feels that Nick will just come back wanting more later. That they will never stop him if they just pay him off. Molly is determined to do whatever it takes to stop Abigail from leaving with Nick. As Molly is telling Jake this Abby walks in. Jake an Molly tell Abigail what Nick is really doing, but this just upsets her and she leaves to her room. Holden comes to Molly and Jakes. He is relieved to hear Abigail is there. The three, Holden, Molly and Jake decide that they are going to give Nick the money he is demanding. They leave to speak to Jack, about the proper way to go about this. Upon leaving Molly phones someone and asks them to help save her little girl.

After Molly, Holden and Jake leave, Abigail has her luggage and is walking around the living room, wondering what she should do. She is not sure whether to stay or go with Nick. Just as Abigail is opening the door to leave, she runs into Adam standing outside her door. Adam tells Abigail he needs to talk to her, not for her but for himself. She accepts Adams explanation and the two renew their friendship. Adam admits to Abigail that Molly called him for help, but Adam tells her he isn't there to tell her what to do. Adam continues to tell Abigail that he has faith in her and knows she will make the right decision.

At Java, Bonnie and Isaac are making last minute preparations for the hospital benefit.

Paul runs into Rose at Java. Paul wants to apologize and continue a relationship with Rose. Both Rose and Paul approach Lily for advise. Lily promises Paul that if he tells Rose what he told her, she will get Rose to the Oakdale hospital benefit. He agrees.

At Rose's house, Rose just arrived home, when she comes upon an anonymous letter, asking her to meet at Al's diner for information about Vince O'Malley. While reading the letter, Lucinda pays Rose a visit. Lucinda asks Rose if she is going to the benefit with Paul. Rose declares to Lucinda that they are no longer are a couple. Rose tells Lucinda, that someone tried to break them up and she wants no more of this. Lucinda agrees and offers Rose her best people to help her solve this mystery. Rose surprised by this offer, admits to Lucinda that she thought she was responsible for tearing her and Paul apart. Lucinda confessed to Rose that she knew Rose was blaming her, but she wasn't responsible and would help her find out who was behind everything that has happened. Lucinda leaves. Rose goes to Al's diner, to meet the person who wrote the letter, she is determined to get the information she needs.

Lily arrives at Rose's home, but Rose has already gone. She sees the letter asking her to meet her at Al's diner. Lily grabs Rose's dress she intended to wear to the benefit and leaves to Al's. Rose talks Lily into pretending to be her at the benefit, in order to enable Rose to stay and meet this stranger. Reluctantly Lily agrees. Rose is left sitting at Al's drinking coffee and waiting for someone, who she doesn't know.

James persuades Barbara, that she needs to make an appearance at the hospital benefit. He maintains that he has everything under control and he needs her cooperation. She needs to go to the benefit so that people know she has nothing to do with the disappearance of Rose.

Java is starting to get crowded and people are all enjoying themselves. Bob, Kim, Nancy and Lisa are pleased to see Barbara arrive at the benefit.


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