ATWT Update Wednesday 12/26/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/26/01

by Mary Jane

Nick tells Molly he will not take Abigail with him when he goes out of town if she and Jake pay him Five hundred thousand dollars. He explains to Molly that if they do not pay him the money, she will never see Abigail again. Arguing about this Molly leaves not knowing how to solve this situation.

At Hal's, Barbara attempts to comfort him, knowing full well that she and James are the reason for Emily's leaving. She attempts to persuade Hal that it is the way Emily is. Hal knows Emily was happy and doesn't agree with Barbara. Barbara has obtained the evidence that she was after, two of the women are gone, she is delighted.

At their side of the suite, Katie and Simon exchange Christmas gifts. After an exchange of some gifts, Katie dresses as the spirit of Christmas future, she shows Simon a pink Barbie house, and other future surprises, including a lambirdini. They exchange hopes and dreams of the future. Katie is sure within a year, they will be able to purchase the lambridini. They make a bet as to weather Katie can get and keep a job for a year.

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