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As the World Turns Monday 12/24/01

By Mary Jane

Holden and Molly make arrangements to fly Abigail to Rotterdam to her adopted parents. After all reservations are confirmed the two proceed go to Nicks to pick up Abigail.

At Nicks, Abigail is telling Nick how much she wants to go with him. Nick now sure he has her in his control, plays more on her emotions, telling Abigail he isn't sure she should go. He justifies this by telling her she wasn't sure she should leave with him right away and maybe she should go with her firsts instincts. Abigail assures him that she is ready to forfeit her life in Oakdale for a life with Nick. Molly and Holden arrive at Nicks. Abigail wants them to leave, Holden and Molly insists that Abigail leave with Holden. Abigail finally gives in and Holden and Abigail leave. Molly is still at Nicks. Nick tells Molly that Abigail offered herself to him, but he turned her down. When Molly asks Nick what he really wants, He announces "Thank You Molly. Finally now we are getting somewhere. You see there is something, but it's not going to be cheap!"

Emily is still riding in the limo. She is trying to find out who is driving her and where they are taking her. She realizes that she is in trouble and doesn't know how to escape what is happening to her.

When Holden arrives home with Abigail, he tells Abby their plans to send her to Rotterdam. Abigail is insistent that she will not get on the plane with him!

Tom and Margo have called in Jessica and are trying hard to have charges pressed against Emily for attempting to kidnap Daniel. This argument continues, until Jessica agrees to press charges of breaking and entering, if Emily doesn't have a good alibi.

Barbara isn't as confident about James's plot to make Carly, Emily and Rose disappear as her conspirator James is. She wants proof from him. She decides she is going out and get the proof herself, because her co-hort doesn't think she needs additional proof.

When Hal goes home to find Emily, he comes upon a letter. Contents written in the letter are "Goodbye, My Love, I'm Sorry". As Hal takes a moment to collect his emotions, Barbara knocks on the door. She is there to visit Will and bring him a gift for Christmas. When she asks Hal what is troubling him, Hal first declines to acknowledge that anything is wrong. Barbara pursues the issue with him and he then shows her the fictitious letter Emily was suppose to have left, that was actually planted by James. Barbara then embraces Hal and is delighted to see proof that their scheme is working.

Isaac and Bonnie are at Java, plotting to persuade Lisa to perform at the Oakdale Hospital's benefit. John tells Isaac and Bonnie that they have to beg Lisa. Lisa gives in and agrees to their plea. After Lisa and John leave Java, Bonnie receives a present. It is a leather notebook, without a card from the sender. She is confident that her mother sent it to her, and with Isaac by her side Bonnie insults the gift. After her mother phones, she learns that it was not a gift from her mother. Bonnie then realizes that Isaac sent it to her and she knows that she had troubled Isaac.

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