ATWT Update Friday 12/21/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/21/01

by Mary Jane

Molly goes to the Snyder home to obtain Holden's help with Abigail. While she is explaining to Lily what she is troubled by; Abigail and Holden walk in. Abigail is astounded because of Molly's distrust. Holden convinces the two ladies to sit down, and to discuss the situation calmly and rationally. Holden remains rational and calm while Molly attempts to describe her personnel experiences with Nick Scutter. During which time Abigail states that Nick had asked her to leave town with him. Holden is shocked at hearing this and immediately decides he will call Abigail's adoptive parents and escort her to the Rotterdam. When Abigail looks Holden and Molly in the eye, she convinces Holden that she is through with Nick and will not leave town with him. Abigail leaves Holden and Molly, telling Molly that she will meet her home. Molly doesn't believe Abigail and wants Holden to call Abigail's adoptive parents, Holden is somewhat reluctant, because he wants to believe Abigail wouldn't lie to him.

Abigail goes directly to Nick's house and tells him that when he leaves town, she is going with him. Nick is pleased.

Rose visits Barbara to explore the possibility that she has been setting her up to look as though she is cheating on Paul with this fictional Vince character. Rose claims she knows voices and that the voice on the answering machine was not Vince O'Malley. Rose also protests that Vince isn't smart enough to pull off the events that have occurred. Rose tells Barbara that Barbara is the only person who has something to gain if she and Paul break up. Barbara denies these accusations, and points the finger at Lucinda. Rose defends Lucinda, stating that it is not her style, she tells Barbara that Lucinda is upfront with her dealings. When Rose leaves she is more skeptical of Lucinda, but she is not as sure that Barbara is responsible for the recent occurrences.

At her house Rose is determined to find the real Vince. She is convinced that it is the only way she will resolve her situation.

Emily is home when she hears a message on the answering machine that a police car was dispatched to 124 Pinewood Lane, Tom's house! Emily rushes to reach Daniel.

The police are out in the yard at Margo and Tom's investigating the site of the attempted break-in. They discovered a glove, Emily's glove. Tom and Margo are arguing with Hal as to whom is responsible for the attempted break-in at the Hughes's. Tom and Margo are sure that Emily tried to take Daniel. Hal is defending her. Emily rushes in; not knowing what happened but is worried about Daniel. When she joins the argument, she denies all faults and tries to accuse Tom of setting her up. Irate at the entire situation, Tom insists that Hal bring Emily to the police station for questioning. Professing her innocence, Emily tells Margo to search her car. Instead of Emily's car Margo suggests that Emily let her investigate her purse. Emily hands over the purse and Margo dumps the articles from the purse. Margo finds two airline tickets out of the country. She immediately picks up the evidence and tells Hal she wants Emily at the police station for questioning in the morning. Beaten down, Emily and Hal leave to go home. Emily tries to reach for Hal's belief in her, he tells her the problem will be there in the morning. Hal goes upstairs. Emily answers a ringing phone, to hear a stranger on the other end of the receiver, telling her he saw what happened at Al's diner the other day and wants to talk to her about this. Skeptical, but desperate she agrees to meet the stranger at the railroad station. Emily rushes out of the house, not telling anyone where she was going. On arrival, Emily enters the backseat of a car. Questioning the driver as to what he saw, he tells her she has to speak to his boss. His boss's instructions were to start driving and call him during the trip for directions on where to take her, than the man will tell her everything. Reluctantly, she agrees. As the driver begins the trip, he locks all the doors and rolls up the back window. The driver is the same chauffer that only days ago drove Carly to an unknown place.

At Barbara's James's phone rings. He is delighted with the conversation, stating yes go ahead with the plan. When he hangs up, James tells Barbara, "Then there was one."

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