ATWT Update Thursday 12/20/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/20/01

By Mary Jane

Paul and Rose have a emotional confrontation about the events that have occured the last few days. A jealous and scorned Paul accuses Rose of sleeping with Vince. When Paul shows her the black slip as evidence of her betrayal, Rose certain it is not hers, isn't aqble to produce her slip. Paul leaves stating that Vince is not her Ex, that the title is now his.

Emily goes to Tom and Margo's to visit Daniel. Because Tom and Margo are out for the evening she has to convince Adam and Billy to allow her to visit Daniel without Tom's presence. when the two young men finally allow her to visit, she asks them to turn off the baby monitor so she can have privacy with Daniel. Adam and Billy oblige her request. Emily is thrilled and after a short visits leaves. Soon after her visit, Adam and Billy here a crash coming from Daniel's room, the window is broken and there is a ladder at the window. Someone tried to break-in, but who?

Katie and Simon's dinner invitation with Margo and Tom are cut short when Margo recieves a phone call from Adam stating that someone tried to break-in to the Hughes home. A unfamilar woman watches Katie and Simon. The woman, Dahlia approaches Katie when Simon leaves the room, after complimenting her for her work at WOAK, she offers Katie a job as an aerobics instructor. Katie is interested, and sees her future looking brighter.

Upon arriving at Lucinda's Lucy declares to her mother that after the holidays she wants to remain in Oakdale with her father. While her mother and father are at dinner, she keeps Lucinda busy long enough to call her school and cancel her registration for the spring semester.


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