ATWT Update Wednesday 12/19/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/19/01

by Mary Jane

At Al's diner, Nick is trying to convince Abigail to leave town with him. A stranger sits in the booth next to Nick and Abigail. It is Nick's secret co-conspirator. Abigail does not say yes to Nick's pleas to go with him. Wearing Nick's ring around her neck she leaves the diner, without giving Nick an answer. Hal enters and approaches Nick. Hal mentions that he spoke to Nick's parole officer and he happened it happen to slip that Nick was no longer employed. Hal reiterates to Nick that it would be a good idea to leave town. Hal leaves the diner. Nick's friend is angry, unsatisfied at his results, so she leaves the diner.

Paul coming from Rose's house after listening to a message from Vince left on Rose's answering machine, enters the Lakeview. Vince's message stated that he received news from Rose and was delighted that she dumped Paul. This upset Paul and he was ready to face Vince for the woman he loves. Paul attempts to find Vince's room.

Rose is at the Lakeview. She approaches room 221, Vince O'Malley's room. When Rose knocks on the door, she doesn't get an answer right away. After a few moments the door opens for her. Rose enters. She finds an empty room and a pushy maid. Vince is not around. After much discussion, the maid shows Rose to the door. While Rose searches the Lakeview bar for Vince she is over heard by Paul who is at the lounge to search for information as to which room Vince O'Malley occupies. The bartender asks Rose if she wants to know where Paul is. Rose states an emphatic, no. She gives the bartender a one hundred dollar bill to say she was never there. He agrees. During her conversation with the bartender she mentions the pushy maid and discovers it is her first week employed for the hotel. Rose happens to make a remark to the bartender as to what room number she was visiting, so as soon as Rose leaves, Paul heads to Vince's room. Paul knocks on the door, when Vince does not answer, Paul kicks the door in. Paul also discovers a empty room, with just a few different exceptions from what Rose found. Paul finds a woman's slip, one he recognizes to belong to Rose. The maid enters the room and starts to question Paul as to why he is in the room. When she asks what was going on, all Paul could say is that even a guy as dumb as him can figure out what has been going on. Heavily laden, Paul leaves.

Emily and Tom continue their argument concerning custody of Daniel. Emily tells Tom that she will let Daniel know, when he is older, how Tom tried to take his mother away from him. Emily pushes Tom out the door telling him to take her to court. Hal offers to help Emily hire a good lawyer and comforts her.

Abigail arrives home. Abigail tells Molly and Jake that she was with Nick Scutter the whole time she was gone. Molly assumes she was having sex and questions Abigail as to whether she used protection. Abigail was appalled that they were having this conversation. She declared that she did not run to Nick to sleep with him. For a short time,Molly, Jake and Abby have an peaceful conversation. They all try very hard to get along and be truthful. When Abigail takes off her coat, Molly notices the ring hanging around Abigail's neck. She freaks out yelling to Abigail that the ring was a present she gave Nick for their anniversary. She tells Abigail where she bought it. Abigail gets very upset and argues with Molly. When Abigail is angered she annouces that she is going to leave town with Nick. Molly threatens to send Abigail to her adopted parents, Mitch and Dianne. While intensely arguing with Molly and Jake, Abigail flees from the apartment.

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