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As The World Turns Tuesday 12/18/01

By Glynis

Emily comes home to Hal and finds him on the phone. He is telling Susan that Emily is fine and she is strong. Emily likes hearing him talk that way. She is glad that he stood up to her mother for her. He thinks that he was only telling the truth. They rush to each otherís arms. He is sorry for the night before. He didnít have the right to question what happened at the diner. She thinks that he was right to think that someone would take a little boy and bring him to the police station. She runs upstairs for a moment and Tom comes over. Hal lets him in. Tom thinks that he had a right to be angry with his son missing for the time that he did. Tom is questioning Emilyís ability to keep their son safe. Tom is sure that if this were Parker and Carly, they would be scraping Hal off the ceiling right now. This is no different to Tom. Hal can tell that Emily is upset and tells Tom that. Emily comes downstairs behind Tom telling him that if he has something to say, he should say it to her face. Turns out that Margo and Tom decided that Emily should only be visiting Daniel under the supervisory eye of Margo and Tom. He will oversee everything that has to do with Daniel including babysitting.

Jake comes in the livingroom where Molly and Abigail are sitting. He uncovers his tray of treats for them and there is an old Mackkinnon recipe. Abigail knows what they are trying to do for her. They really love her and they are never going to stop. Someone is at the door. Jake goes to get it and finds Nick standing there. Jake asks Nick what he is doing there and Nick tells Jack that he is not leaving until he sees Abigail. Jake slams the door in his face. Abigail is upset that Nick might be in trouble. Jake tells Abigail to blame him for anything that she thinks is wrong. Abigail has heard enough. She gets her things and goes to her room. Molly wishes that Nick were dead. Abigail hears that and she comes back out into the room and canít believe that her mother would say something like that. Abigail heads for the door and leaves. Jake grabs Molly. Molly knows that her daughter is going straight to Nick. They have to stop her. Jake settles her down and she remembers when Abigail was born and how Molly wanted to stay with her longer.

Rose and Lily are talking about Paul leaving the house. Rose is worried that Paul is going to stop loving her. Lily tries to give her perspective. Once Rose says that she loves a guy and he says it back that means it is for keeps. Lily is sure that this is temporary and that nothing is going to change Paulís mind and heart. Rose thinks that Paul feels that she was playing him for a fool. Rose is not involved with anyone. This jealousy thing goes both ways. She would track down a woman if she were involved with Paul. Lily thinks that Rose has to find Paul and make him listen to her. Lily tells her sister to call Vince. If Rose doesnít call him, Lily threatens to do it for her. She knows how to impersonate her sister. Rose makes the call to his hotel. He is in room 221. She hangs up telling Lily that Rose has a hold on all his calls and his visitors.

Mitsy finds Paul and talks to him about Vince. Paul tells her that he was sent a picture of Vince and Rose and then he finds the same picture in Roseís possession. Mitsy thinks that he is a bit of a dummy. She tells Paul that Rose finding Paul allows girls like her to keep on dreaming. The men in her past were nothing. She was waiting for the real man to come along. Rose has been waiting for Paul all her life.

Lisa is bugging Bonnie about details of the hospital event. Kim and her husband are there now and they would like also to hear what is going to happen the night of the event. Bonnie says that the event will be unique because the entertainment is going to be full of the people of Oakdale. They are going to have a talent show. Isaac tries to help her out. He says that there are a lot of people in town that have talent. Auditions are going to be held there at Java Underground. She waits for their reaction. It is easy to hire someone but by doing this, they are giving of themselves and that is when they will make a difference in peopleís lives. Kim and Bob like the idea. Bob and Kim have to leave but they will be back to discuss this more. Bonnie thinks that she was the one that pulled this out of the fire. They have a lot to do.

Abigail goes to the diner and Nick comes in and sits across from her. She looks at him and turns to leave but he begs her not to leave him there. She stops for a moment. He has a ring and he gives it to her so that she will remember him. He is going as far away from Oakdale as possible. He wants her to keep him in her thoughts. He puts the ring on her finger. It is too big and she is afraid that she is going to lose it. He tells her that she can put it on her chain and wear it around her neck. She removes her necklace and puts the ring on it. She wishes that he didnít have to go yet. With her folks and the cops after him, he doesnít stand a chance in this town. They have some really great memories. He wants her to take care of herself. He will never forget her. She stops him from leaving. She is sure that there is some other way besides him leaving. Nick has an idea. There is another way. She will go alone with anything. He asks her to come with him.


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